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what can you advice to others?

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where no one can understand you. Not your loved ones, not your close ones. But its okay. Its a reminder from your Creator that in some aspects of life, no one will understand except Him.
So if youre going thru a similar phase just fall down in a sujood and cry your heart out. You dont even have to say anything cause He already knows. He knows and understands the stuff going on in your heart and mind.
Bus aik baar apnay Rab ko bula kay to dekho :')
May Allah ease the pain of every single soul suffering in silence, Ameen.

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Kya soch rahe hain? 💭

☄️E i D☄️
why dont we have real conversations anymore? Whats wrong with us? why are we acting like robots?
why do you say youre fine when youre not?
tell me whats bothering you? tell me about your inner demons. tell me how your thoughts arent letting you sleep. tell me about your emotional struggles.tell me about that fire burning inside you. tell me about your heart.i yearn for deep, soulful conversations. wanting to know the raw emotions once in a while? isnt that beautiful? this fakeness is getting on my nerves. please why cant we be real?

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Thought of the day?

Hamza Qaisar
Our society has produced such a headlong rush to be the wealthiest, the smartest, the prettiest, the best dressed, the funniest, or the strongest, and somewhere in there we have lost the ability to just be ourselves, free to breath life and choose our own path rather than carry the burden of social or familial expectation. what does all that produce? Well a lot of disappointed and unfulfilled human beings, thats for sure.
-Gary John Bishop (Unf*ck Yourself)

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