What on earth does the representation of women and non-white characters has to do with disabilities and accessibility?

That's a fair question.
The definition of accessibility shouldn't be just in terms of disabilities - it also needs to encompass a kind of 'sociological' accessibility. It's not just about 'this is a game that I can play' but 'this is a game that I think is relevant to me'. There are games that are inaccessible not because of their physical design, but because they have elements of representation, of content, or of tone that are off-putting.
Accessibility is about removing the barriers that stop people playing. Those barriers are sometimes physical, sometimes philosophical, sometimes economic, and sometimes in terms of inclusiveness of representation. A large part of the teardown we do are about disabilities, but accessibility is a much broader topic than that and I think it's important that a review of how accessible a game is takes this into account with the same degree of seriousness as the other barriers.

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