How do you reach your conclusions on the accessibility of games?

It's partially based on research (my PhD is in accessibility, specifically in terms of accessibility for older people where intersectional issues of incremental disability are particularly important), partially based on experience, and partially based on some software tools that let me simulate various kinds of impairment. I post the colour blindness ones, but there are other great tools that let you assess the impact of various kinds of condition. For example:
For a lot of it though it is pattern recognition and extrapolating from experience - the tools are useful in checking assumptions and picking up issues I may not otherwise have come up with.
The biggest problem with the tools is that it's tricky to chain them together - it's easy to consider, say, macular degeneration or colour blindness. It's a bit of a chore to consider them together. They're very useful, but they don't tell the whole story. Sometimes though they tell a story I wouldn't have thought to tell myself.

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