Are you a social justice warrior?

I find almost everything that defines the alt-right to be regressive, fascistic and horrible. I believe society has serious structural inequalities that disadvantage many groups of people. I believe as a society we have a duty to ensure that we have as level a playing field as possible, and I take advantage of what platforms I have to agitate for that. In that respect, yes.
However, I also find the extremes of the 'social justice' movement to be unbearably sanctimonious. It's a culture where insufficient piety to the cause is deemed to be traitorous. It's an outrage economy fueled by self-important pronouncements on what is and is not acceptable in discourse. It's fundamentally regressive in exactly the same ways as the alt-right movement. It is unforgiving of nuance, and contemptuous of complexity.
The problem is, as it has always been, extremism. Look at any ideology that is causing harm in the world - it's not characterized by its fundamental tenets. It's characterized by the extremism of its followers.
I've been heavily criticized by individuals in the alt-right ecosystem. I've been heavily criticized by individuals in the social justice ecosystem. I'm too 'right on' for the alt-right, and too insufficiently pious for the social justice movement.
I like to think of myself then as occupying the 'social justice Goldilocks zone'. The good news is, that's where most people are. If you're going to have conversations about the kind of issues I discuss in my teardowns, then that's where you're most likely to find people willing to listen. I'm certainly much farther along towards the 'social justice' end of the zone than I am to the other, but I'm equally repelled by both extremes.

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