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Ci... Fishtail shirtnya di cici ada longgar apa pas y... Soalnya itu ukuran ptp fishtail size s kan 16,5 ... Trus wa prnh ambil willow colar top size m ptpnya juga 16 ... Bearti fishtail shirtnya size s uda bisa pke dong y ci? Soalnya wa da ambil size s a.. Tkt gk bisa pke...

Krn ini topnya meant to be oversize bukan tight fitting :)

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Hi, do u mind sharing what size are u wearing for the PREMIUM Annabelle Multi Tier Jellyfish Skirt? I bought XS and it is too small for me :(

Hey babe, i didn't try the XS :( i keep S size and it fits me well with some allowance. The reason i didn't try xs is cos I know i am gonna gain some weight during this cny period so i just keep S so that i still can wear it when i really gain weight :)

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