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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?

grey or green!! <3

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Very Sure I Know You

Well i guess, if u say so :p but do u know u too?

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Are you stylish?

I'm not really sure, i do know how to dress up, but it depends on every person's perspective

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I Know You Very Well.

hmmm really??? how sure are u??? :p

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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?

depends on the room i'm sleeping in, sometimes in the dark, sometimes with some light on

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whats your greatest fear?

being alone :(

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What's your favorite holiday?

Christmas holidays are the best (since there's no season in my place)

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What perfume are you wearing today?

my eaudemoiselle de givenchy eau florale perfume :3

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Hello :) who's this?

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What is your favorite sport to play?

is ice skating sport? if it is then ice skating it is xD

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What do you splurge on?

Beauty products n headphones xD

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When one should stop learning?

When I leave earth

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follow back ya


followed :D

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What was the last drink you had?

oolong tea <3

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hai.. follow

aji gunawan

followed.. :D

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Who will be the next person you will kiss?

my parents <3

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Are you a city or a nature person?

I'm both, i love shopping and i love relaxing as well.. :D

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What makes you really sleepy?

a boring class, class with theories, hahaha dun judge me :D

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Apa yang anda ketahui tentang ??


Not much, it's page on facebook that sells a lot of stuffs..

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What would you refuse to do for a million dollars?

Letting my love ones go out with another girls

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Where you do not mind waiting?

Starbucks ofc :3

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What is the most beautiful place in the world?

His arm :3 hahaha

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How do you decide what movie to watch?

By watching trailers, which is more attractive

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