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You sucked a dog called india off... Or was it issy harrison... Your rejected crush.... Awwww cutttyyy

Firstly that's harsh and spell her name right "izzy" and I'm fine I'm not rejected didn't even ask her out!! Xx

Who are your real freinds at school... Remember include all

Harvey,Lloyd, jkjohnboy99,Ben p,freddy, James h, Lauren h, Charlie w, lottie m and Maddie j if you know your a good freind and I haven't mentioned you don't be offended

Oh sure mate ur not a virgin. How about we meet up in the lunch hall and settle this like men at lunchtime tomorrow

you ass is stupid i was sarcastic

Hello. WHile you are reading this I am either behind you or right next to you. Do not turn around or I will get very angry at you. Sweet dreams.

oh its you from the white van how are you its been a while since yo gave me those jumbo candy canes how are you!

Just saying Archie, all of the weird long questions like the fart one were Wyatt. I know this is not a question, butt fuck it


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