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tbh megan See you around school a lot, you seem v friendly n super cute ✌🏽️ hope youve had a great summer so far ✨😌

thank you ! hope you're also having a v good holiday!
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pap of you wearing plz then you can delete, btw what kind is it?

oh umm 2 from cotton on, one from triangl

tbh we hvnt talked for a loooong time. ur rly nice and cool ig we need to catch up? saw ady yesterday btw :P rate: 8/10

OMG YEA we need to catch up!! see when ur free? thnks. haha yea she told me yesterday lol

post the bikini pap you posted earlier, fuck the hater they are just jelly :) xx

im not sure lol

post another bikini pic pleaseeeee their not gonna hate be strong and dont be embarassed by the haters!

aw thank you xx but wait a while til the sun comes out? ;) :)

why did u delete it???

oh umm that's cause some people were bitchin about it and it wasn't really nice


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