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go to harrisburg, pa. go to midtown scholar. go upstairs. seek and find poetry section. aptly deposit your books.

I just did it

The poetry section was closed by the time I got there so I put them here instead

This was fun, thanks

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where were you when y2k started?

7001 Brentwood dr. Marriottsville MD 21104

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damn my nose itchy

Do you ever scratch it really hard, like press it into your face with the palm of your hand, then it smells like boogers?

Why doesn't it smell like boogers all the time

Shouldn't we just be smelling boogers all the time

They're there...aren't they...

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Do you like it in the bum?

I've liked it

More often I've 'tolerated' it

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do you wish you were inspector gadget?

Do you really want to know that

Is that really why you asked this

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are you interested in seeing/ are you gonna so see 'nightcrawler'

I saw and liked it

My dad has the same car as jake gyllenhaal lol

Red with black stripes too, even...jesusjw...../@1@--

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do you talk to yourself and if yes out loud or inside yourself?

Am always doing it inside/sometimes do it out loud

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do you worry about your parents dying?

No I'm pretty sure they will

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has anyone ever called you a fuccboi?


Sounds Italian

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did you vote today

I didn't vote the day you asked that

I voted for like a week straight before that though

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Josh Spiker wants you to like him because he likes you. Do you like him?

Why would anyone want me to like them beause they like me

That implies striving is involved in the 'liking'...or like...there is a debt to be paid in the act of liking

When you like people you just like each other

I have limited but positive associations about josh spiker

Unless he asked this, then I think: >:-/!!!!

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ever had or considered dreads?

Considered ~2003 when I helped a roommate do hers

It looked bad

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Do you think vice magazine is a respectable publication?

I don't think about anything's 'respectability' or respect in general, I don't think

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i'm so over you meggy b.... but it would be great if you returned to ask x

I don't like your tone

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Have u eaten raw beef?


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If you could be born in any time period, what would it be?

It doesn't matter

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what you been reading this month?

'Baby geisha' by trinnie dalton
'Carefree dignity' by tsoknyi rinpoche
'Narrow road to the interior' by basho

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ask fm is still here thinking about you. any time you want to chat.

I'm going to answer things randomfire style from now until I get to the library

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are u living?

Have been feeling like Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the part of 'Schenectady New York' where he's cast as a maid by the director who no one has noticed replaced him, living in the apartment in the huge set of the play/receiving instructions about what his character is supposed to do via headset

So yes am living

'Arguably...arguably, I am living...'


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Fuck the _____ ?


He wanted to call it 'fuck the scrivener' but his editor didn't think people would be ready for that yet

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whats prompting all these tweets

thunder vs. clippers...i started watching it 1st quarter with minimal interest in either team and things were exciting by the 3rd quarter and i don't remember last time i saw a game that close by the 4th quarter so. i got the internet to work in my house again also. so. i felt more hope...i think...via these things

i started drinking late in the 2nd quarter and i'm getting nasty now

i'm at the rarely seen 'megan feels superior to people' level of drunk now

going to 'get worse' with it and roll with this i think

i like feeling better than you people





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Hiii @meganboyleliveblog! What do you think of this song ? Sub if you like ;)

I think you and Olivia are dingb

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I can do anything I want Olivia

Olivia you are a birdbrain dingbat and I hope your music video goes to hell

Men should wear suits more, like how I feel like I should wear dresses

Men look better in suits

Even the guys: you all look better in suits

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do you enjoy cheeses? like brie?

I like how it tastes but it makes my stomach hurt

I like hearing people with accents...listening to accents

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I'm a moderator on, do you find that sexy?

Alton brown is sexy

I'm not attracted to him and I don't like his personality/affect

Haha what's going on

Cutthroat kitchen

Redditmoderator yknow say daddy me snow me I go blame a licky boom boom down

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made this so people could ask questions/comment more spontaneously and anonymously. curious about people's thoughts re anything in the liveblog or not in it, anything anyone says will result in me thinking more about [whatever], which seems positive.