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What so if it was me you wouldn't worry about ny mental health or something!?

Yeah pretty much.. I already know you're crazy, Brittany:)
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bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntounnthunntrova...rrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk. 101 letter word that means symbolic thunderclaps!

Please tell me this is Brittany so I don't have to worry about your mental health... xD

How often do you go to parties?

Not very often because I can't stand most of the people who have parties around here.

How was the game?

We lost but there's not much we can do when they play together literally all year... They play in tournaments even after volleyball season. So yeah.

What sport do you do?

Softball, volleyball, and shotput. Coach Buckalew wants me to do discus, but I don't really like it.

So, how was your first day of school!

Well it was good until it rained and my hair became a poofball.... Jk jk!. It was good! :) I like my schedule

How you doin', gurl? That school be sneakin' up, then it's gonna jump on yo back, and not let go until June... So you best be watchin' out. And to paraphrase that guy on a horse" school is a Comin'!"

Ewww don't remind me! /.\ Ugh. Do not want to do work and stuff.... -.-

lol thanks... calm yourself my phone just when bu..bu...buzzzzzzzzzzzz! whoop whoop (:

xD haha!. I haven't creeped on your page in a while so I thought I'd visit you!.

und zorry, vone more ting tooo picante or too cheeze deip zat iz da queestion?!

Yooh mahst aaaaallways picaantaaayyy! xD haha night!

haha vell ie beed yoo adooh, feervell, ouveeterzayn, gooonight. I iz off to the land of roock herhd mahtrees und loompy peelow.

Have fun! xD Tell loompy peeloow that I say "haaayy"

seemz veery veery... oom shall I say super-duper-eekciting!!!! vhat iz your favorite cahrtoooon (: mein iz toom und jehray!

Mein eez...oom... Eye dunt reeeely knoo...

goooood! I particularly enjoyed when I popped-ed a vateeer balloooon een my ziztars face. vhat vas yooor favalisious part oov yooor day (:(:(:

xD I'm guessing she deserved it!. & spraying my brother with the water hose for getting in my way!.

Uh-oh, this Megan gurl thinkin' that she the whole meal, not just the chicken, not just the mashed potatoes, and especially not that diet coke... No, she thinkin' she that whole combo meal, with extra fries, and a large drink, with that new profile pic!

^^ THIS!! I'm dying!. x'D

Would you rather take the chicken or crab walk it out (:

xD thank you for making my night! Lmao but I'd rather take the chicken and then crab walked it out of that store cause I just stole their chicken!!

I'm gonna bring that up at the next stu co meeting I'll be like " So... Ms. Thug, how do you feel 'bout Blurred Lines?"

But you didn't hear it from me... xD haha but aight!!


She was JAMMIN THO!!!
Everyone was asleep and I woke up and she was like full out singing and I was like... Yeah I'm just gonna go back to sleep now... o.o

What's the most awkward thing you've seen a teacher do?

When Mrs. Thug (AKA Mrs. Cooper) started dancing and singing to Blurred Lines on the way home from Stu-Co camp!! xD I was DYING!!

How yo summer be goin', gurl? It bout to end tho!

Ugh don't remind me... /.\ & Pretty good(: Ready to see my friends but I don't want to do work... -.-

What college do you want to go to, and why?

Texas A&M!! #GigEmAggies!!
Why? Two words: Corps. Boys. <3 And the fact that they have one of the Top 5 schools for Engineering but whatevs

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