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People with no online classes, how does it feel being God's Favourite?🙃

People with no online classes have some professional responsibilities. So, no God's favour.
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What is the best advice your Mom has given you? 🌸

Wo kaha karti thi :
"Har nhi manni kabhi or himmat bhi nhi harni, kabhi na kabhi Wo Zaat sunaygi."
She herself was so courageous and patient that everyone in our family praises her.
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What keeps you busy during Quarantine?😪

Before ramzan : Home tuition, siblings, the vampire diaries and the originals.
In ramzan: Home tuitions, siblings and ertugrul.
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How do you reply to "I Love You" from someone you don't love, without breaking their Hearts?😬

If someone love me, i surely love him/her too. Coz no one falls in love at first sight. You need to engage or talk with that person to feel that feeling. So if someone said to me ily straightforward without even knowing me. That wont be love.
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How does love look like?💌

Love is unbiased and unconditional.
Love isnt limited to any relationship or age. It can be between a boy and girl or between parents and children. Love is even a stranger smiling at you and make your day.
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What are you freakishly Bad at?😄😶

Cant digest an emotional thing rapidly. It took me so much time from getting out of these situations.
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