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Ye secret answer mn mention krny wala kya chakr h samjh ni ati 🙄🙄

“Dunya chan ty or assi *** ty”
Woh hisab h apka

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i wish i had a single friend who i could talk to about what i feel inside but honestly no body cares its just so unfair sometimes knowing that ur just all alone and then u see other people posting status hanging out with their friends and u envy that but u cant even do that cuz u got insecurties

I feel you meri jaan but focus on yourself more, read more, learn more and perform more...everything’s gonna be alright 🌸

Ma last time bol rahe houn meri jaan layy loo

Aap jesi larkiyaan bd mai story lgati hain phir “All men are dogs” 😇
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Whats your opinion on if a guy wants to marry but wants girl to wear abaya. When she hasnt her whole life?

Change is a good thing krky dekh lou result acha milly tou continue krna nhi tou try some other new things 🌸
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Who's sad? 🥀🌚

Everyone is except the ones who are in a process of making something from their life..

Men ausy bht yd krti hun hr rat trpati hun auski yd me lst lrai hui thi meri mne bht sunya tha or asny bhi tbse ausny mjhe ek br plat kr ni pcha or y swal bht taqlf di Wo mujse bht muhbt krta tha auske ghr wale nhi mane aur auski khin eng hgai mn uske msg k w8 krti hun bohtt ab taq💔😭

Just give yourself some time and keep yourself busy...he ain’t deserve you agr krta tou sth deta hr trhan sy.

Ishq hua kabhi?

Rooz hota hai jb wazzu krky uski hi muhabbat mai usky hi samnay saar jukha k hath band k khara hou jata hun ❤️


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