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Opening up to women is a breakup hack. Women hate men who have problems. If you ain't Superman, u doomed. Tryna be single? just tell her all ur problems and watch her disappear. The worst thing u can do around women is to act human. Be a comedian and wallet, and they’ll love you.

Facts bol diye tny meri jaan 💯

I am in despair, too sad to go for a walk. I was listening to atif aslam a while ago, and that tone is still in my head. The moon is too bright and the weather is good. But i am too sad to walk. What should i do right now?

Just go and let your delusional thoughts to come at their peak and enjoy the feel of them...don’t overdo it so that they’ll bring fear to you just think, enjoy your company alone and make yourself happy.

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Ask a boy about his bad habits and he immediately will tell you about it. Smoking, porn addiction etc. Ask a girl about her bad habits to aisi baat btaye gi k jis say agly bandy ko sympathy ho like " Meri buri aadat ye hai k main yaqeen boht jaldi kar leti hoon mujhe asaani say dhoka diya ja sakta hai. "
aho eddi tu

what do u do when it seems like there's no way out???☠️

There’s always a way out, you just have to stop feeling it like a little bitch and crying about it instead gather yourself up and start looking for that 1 possible way out of infinity, cuz no one is going to come look that for you...yah tou niklo ussy khud, yah mazeed latkao us cheez ko tak k end py khud latak jao tum ksi cheez sy.

Why jahez (compensation) Is given along With the girl herself? So girl gives her services, her body and her money to the guy ? Why

Pata nhi yr bc sandwich bnaya hai ketchup nhi mil rhi ais time kahan rkhi hai.


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