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Can a person turn to evil because of greed?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
If not because of greed, I have no idea what other ways could make a person evil ?‍♀️
At the end of Resident Evil 3 (remake), after the city got wiped out by a bomb, Jill Valentine said this: "...All this death wasn't caused by a monster-making virus. It was greed. Human greed."
And tbh, she's not wrong ?‍♀️

How long its gonna least? ??

lazymind056335’s Profile Photolabib
You mean how long it's gonna last? Well, depends on my usage. I'm currently using my iPad so I guess the phone battery will be preserved in a while ?
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If you knew when you were going to die, would you share it with family and friends?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Maybe not, because if I die of a incurable disease, like cancer or such, and I know that my family would never give up hope - they would try everything they could, spend as much money as possible to try to save me - I don't want that, I think it's so impractical. I don't want my family to go broke trying to save me and at the end of the day I still might as well die ? So no, perhaps I wouldn't tell them if I found out I was gonna die.

Is it normal to want to walk away from everything?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
Oh honey, it's totally normal. It's basically how I live my life ?‍♀️ The moment I found out something hard is in my way, my first instinct is to fuck it and turn back ? Sometimes I would actually leave it, sometimes I would find a way to deal with it. Depends on how hard to overcome the objective is ?‍♀️

How you buildup your self once again after got hurt by your loved one?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
A long while after the incident, I would instinctively build a wall around myself. I would act carefully around everyone, I would be afraid to meet new people, because I was always so easily to trust people. I would be afraid that they would hurt me again if I let them be involved too much in my life.
I mean, it's only an instinct thing, to protect yourself after getting hurt, to tend your own wounds after everything you've been through.

Wow, we have a lot of dialect here in the philippines too. but I'm thinking maybe yours is harder. hahaha

sariahgalvez’s Profile PhotoAh_yeeaaah
I think each language got its own dialects and they're equally tough anyways, since they're not widely taught at school ?
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Dear... sometimes we think but when we actually try, it suits well...it happens we girls usually conscious about the colour... give it a try... may be u fall in love with the hot pink ☺️?

mamtabanerjee02’s Profile Photo..batsy batsy..
I mean, I did try already, that's why I know it's not a fit for me ?‍♀️ It's okay though, I'd prefer dark color clothes better anyways.
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I'm pretty sure there are lots but ofc you need some motivation, determination and inspiration in order for it to be discovered and polished.?

roselleben’s Profile Photoairelineee♡
Hopefully I can keep my motivation once I've found it lol ?‍♀️
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To someone : ?

lstking’s Profile PhotoL S T K I N G
I wish I could just simply message you and we could talk like nothing has ever happened. I miss you, I miss talking with you, I miss playing games with you, I miss seeing you. But with you being stubborn and me being egotistic, I guess we could never go back to the way we were, ever again. I keep hoping for a future for us, but I guess I have to let the dream go someday.

I have heard of past lives, but what are parallel lives?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
I think it's like what happened in Happy Death Day 2U ? There are multiple versions of yourself in many universes; we exist together, just in different timelines.
For example, I am now living in a world where Donald Trump is the president of the U.S., but in another universe, another "me" might be living in a world where Trump did not make it and Hillary is the president instead ?‍♀️
I have heard of past lives but what are parallel lives


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