Ask @mennatallahzain:

هو ليه مثلا لما ييجو يسألو بيقولو "وقعت ف الحب قبل كده ؟" ليه وقعت ؟ هما بيقعو فعلا ؟

Because, not loving rather realising you love someone, just like falling, is sudden. 'Cause in falling, just like in love, you're steady walking towards the hole. You didn't "happen to fall," you literally walked your way to fall but when you realised it, it was late, you were already deep down hopefully with just a broken leg instead of your entire ribcage. Loving someone, just like that, is deceiving, is a hole, is trap you'll fall into. A hole covered with leaves of care and kindness and a fake colorful aura which helplessly deceived your brain into thinking it was made for you. It wasn't. You just walked to explore, maybe to find the truth, but when realisation hit you, just as suddenly, you had already fallen.

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