Makati to Laguna real quick


If someone liked you, how would you like them to tell you?

Straight up

what time will be your set on saturday?

We have two gigs!

630pm at Spectrum Fair in White Space Pasong Tamo
1030pm for the Novellino gig in Laguna

natutulog ba ang diyos?

Hindi diyos siya eh

kung walang TRC, anong ginagawa mo ngayon?

Pupunta parin sa mga gigs, kakanta at tutugtog magisa o kasama ng grupo, magaaral/magttrabaho sa ibang bansa, gagawin buhay ang sports at trabaho, puntahan lahat ng bansa ng mundo haha daming pwedeng gawin!

can u ask mu if she can make her account lel

Ok I'll ask brb

I get intimidated whenever i see you =(((((

Pls don't be I swear I'm nice, and friendly, and I don't bite :-(

Who is your favorite solo (girl) local artist as of now?

Mah home gurl Lost Mountainsss lol

Who else in the band has ask fm?

Lily and Jermaine

What time is ur set on fri

Around 11

What time is your set on sat

We have 2 gigs!

Spectrum fair at 6pm
Novellino at 10:30

Where do you usually hike?

Haven't been to the same place twice yet but I'm game to go anywhere! Last major hike was in Mt. Apo

Halili sibs are goals af

So sweeeet

I really like your Fashion sense :----(

Didn't know I had any haha but thank you!! I just wear whatever feels comfortable and breezy hehe

You and your siblings look a like and its cute

Aww thank you!

Japanese Food or Chinese Food


Starbucks or Coffeebean


I wanna hear Hither live!!!!!!!!!! :-----(

We just played it last Saturday! We could possibly do it again this weekend so please come to our shows :)

Sing or bass

This is hard!!! Singing I guess because it's my first loveee

U r pretty

Why thank u friend

Where is Redd's house? Hahaha

I'd rather keep that confidential or you can just ask him yourself hahaha

Where do you usually rehearse

Redd's house!

Does your band have snapchat? Or any of the members?

They actually want me to make a band snapchat haha but yes I think 3/4 of us are active users! Follow me @ leahhalili

Where do you and your bandmates study? And what courses do you take?

We're all from UP Diliman. Taking/took up various courses like BA Speech Communication, Psychology, and Business

How old are you and your bandmates? :)

We are all on our 20s


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