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Czy piątek 13-go cię przeraża?

I hadn’t been at my best from few hours,
So I just wanted to share a short story to everyone out there.
Once there were a group mountaineers climbing a mountain.
The weather was so harsh, and heavy snowfalls and wind blowing started to occur. One part of that group decided to rest, but the other part was highly determined and refused to quit even in the harshest of times.
They kept on going.
Few days later the storms stopped, and the former group again started to move. When they reached the top they didn’t find the other group.
Few days later, a newspaper reported their death.
The moral is, learn to rest, give yourself time, give yourself peace, you don’t have to be productivity machine all the time.
Every dead body on mountain was and just a overly dedicated person, who didn’t knew when to rest.
https://youtu.be/SWFDZ33ySJgmiIostqa’s Video 172250116449 SWFDZ33ySJgmiIostqa’s Video 172250116449 SWFDZ33ySJg

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Czy piątek 13go cię przeraża

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How I used to touch and touch your beauty

Now you’re a song from the open window to me
Girl, it's in the future we belong
I know it's in the future we belong
And I'm not saying that I can't live without you
But I'm a long way from figuring out how to
And different storms on different kinds of waters
While you ran into the arms of others
Aaah, people bore me but you're something different darling
Now all that I can think of now you're gone
Babe, it's in the future we belong
For now
Until I move on
Warhaus | Open Window
https://youtu.be/4dyWthW9VCQmiIostqa’s Video 172240542049 4dyWthW9VCQmiIostqa’s Video 172240542049 4dyWthW9VCQ
How I used to touch and touch your beauty


First, you are sad, you are crying, and after you feel empty inside of your soul, heart, you can’t feel any emotion. Nothing makes you happy or sad.
The only feeling which you have is indiference.
*Yes, I still feel the smell of fresh laundry and the almond trees when I think about you.
Don’t you feel the same?
Maybe at least this little thing still remains unchanged.

Mroczne wyzwanie.

I know I’ll never see you again.
But I know there is a place far from us on a different galaxy, on a different planet we are together. I’m holding your hands for the first time and promising you for that I’ll never let you go, looking into your dark eyes and telling how beautiful human being you are in every possible way and how much you mean to me, with tears in my eyes and joy on my lips. With the tears of joy and the joy of having you.
I know it’s all stupid.
I guess I have to act like I’m fine with not being fine.
Without you.
Dark Room Dancing | RY X
https://youtu.be/CqjPlC2C1gImiIostqa’s Video 172178770529 CqjPlC2C1gImiIostqa’s Video 172178770529 CqjPlC2C1gI
Mroczne wyzwanie

The truth is…

that I did not love you but I almost did.
At one time, I might have loved you - at least, I felt I might have. If you were never loved by me, then nevertheless you were loveable to me. Last night I dreamt that your head lay on my stomach and traced the rise and fall of my breath. It felt completely normal - even though I knew once, we had left each other. Even though I knew we had wounded each other. In the dream state, forgiveness comes easily. I never loved you but I almost did. There are days when the breadth of ambiguity feels much worse.
There are days I wish I would have loved you so I would know how to stop.
The truth is


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