Ask @mi_drmami:

What if something scary happened in real life?

First off make sure the person or persons involved are ok. Then reflect on the situation and dig real deep on why the scary situation would have happened in the first place. Who was around, what were your thoughts earlier or at that moment. Was anyone acting funny around you or sending subliminal shots 👀 You should be able to asses if it was tricky or pure coincidence. Depending on what happened, not being insensitive or nothing. It’s something that wants to come to the surface or the light. Something you have to learn from / correct or it will keep happening if you don’t learn from it. Everything happens for a reason always keep your eyes open when scary things happen ( lesson ) sometimes your surrounding or your own mentally can creat scary situations, so pay really close attention when things happen never let fear get the best of you. You’ll never really see why things happen if fear is in the way. you’ll only question yourself on why do these things happen to me, but in all reality
those thoughts block you from really seeing the truth or the cause of it all.

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