Ask @mian_002:


Tum mein pehli si baat nhi😢
Mein ny kaha Insaan hun koi science ki ijaad nhi😂
us ny kaha ab kis ki aankho👀 mei doob jaty ho
mein ny kaha aankhain hain koi talaab🌊 nhi
usny kaha kun mjhy itna tooot kr chaha🤦‍♂️
mein ny kaha dimaagh sy khaali tha or koi baat nhi😁
usny kaha kia mein bewakoof hun🙄
mein ny kaha tu itni dhoky-baaz jiska hisaab nhi🙌
usny kaha bhool jao mjhy💔
mein ny kaha tu hy knsy waali mjhy to yeh bhi yaad nhi🤔
P.S:yeh mera haal nhi😂
it's just a prattle b/w once a boon-companions 🎈

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Mention your Achievements at college🔥

O F F I C I A L 🔥
1st-Year : 🌈
◾3rd at inter-house English Debate🥉
◾Member of Quiz Society💫
◾3rd at District Level English Debate (CM-PROGRAM)🥉
2nd-Year : 🌈
◾President Quiz Society💕
◾House Captain (Haider-House)❣
◾Over-all 1st in Table-Tennis🏓
◾1st at District Level English Speech (CM-PROGRAM)🥇
◾2nd at Division Level English Speech (CM-PROGRAM)🥈
U N O F F I C I A L ⛔
◽Got the Title of official-bunker as i was found only outside the class😎
◽Got the prize of best dress at farewell🙄
◽Acted the lead-role in an English play🤗
P.S : bhai 2 saalo mein 90% marks, pyar, izzat or saanpo ky sath itna hi milta❤ 🙈
hor amb lainy ny😁
CCJ is also a good chapter of life!💯

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Random Thoughts?

W A I T I N G✨
Tell her that she’s beautiful. Tell her that she’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Tell her that she makes you happy like no one else can. Be the one that keeps her up at night because she can’t stop thinking about you. Be the one that will love her. Be the one who won’t let her forget how much she means to you. Don’t let yourself fade from a girl who will give you her all.🔥

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