Ask @miaweber1:

@Kristina_Ruslanovna_Pimenova_2005 and @mxx_blueguy are dating?

Oh my gosh, this is absolutely ridiculous.
First of all, @Kristina_Ruslanovna_Pimenova_2005 is a fake account. You know why? Because:
1 The real Kristina haves all her accounts managed by her mother or her parents
2 Kristina lives in Russia, Max in England.
3 Kristina is a child of 11 years old, Max is 13 going on 14
4 I'm not sure but I think that the real Kristina doesn't know that Max & Harvey exists, and if she knows, she would never be obsessed with Max because Max is just a internet star and Kristina is a child model (sorry Max)
5 @Kristina_Ruslanovna_Pimenova_2005 (the fake account) put a profile picture with Max and Harvey, Kristina would never do that.
So, that's not the real Kristina's account, is fake.

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