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Who was your longest streak on snap in the past 2 months

right now it's selena i have like 400 somethin w her rn lmao

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How is everyone? It's been a while:) (for those who remember me)

EnterYourShikari’s Profile PhotoRy
it's been 2 years I just got back on ask what up

What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?

I'm not dead you guys 👋🏼😃

love you guys! <3 just a quick appreciation message to some of my favorite people I follow on here :)

EnterYourShikari’s Profile PhotoRy
lol love you too

doing vr opinions, like 15 for one, sorry if this annoys you but sent this to all i follow x

EnterYourShikari’s Profile PhotoRy
they're not annoying c:


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