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Can you make a video of one normal day in UK?

maybe! i'd like to do this. if i dont get too self-conscious and chicken out of it

Haha yeah it's like a weird talent i guess. it's really simple if you know how.. you might be able to do it too! haha i can try to explain how to do it

ok i tried it but it didnt work

Why did you bleach half your hair before? And why did you dye it blue?

ive always wanted to bleach my whole head but half head was a compromise me and my mum came to. i dyed it blue bc well i want to dye my hair every colour possible and blue is one of them

yeah! you might be able to do it if you try it. i can actually do it.. i got an innie but i can flip it inside out to make it an outie and poke it back in to innie haha as weird as that sounds.. you don't know anyone who can do this?

well..ive never had this conversation w anyone else before.....but that's interesting! i might try it out maybe someday....

can you flip it out to make it an outie? haha did you ever try?

nope never tried. can that even work?? hahaha

Why you only dye half your hair blue? Why not dye all? Where did you dye your hair? How was it done? How much did you pay?

i only bleached half head before coming to uk. i bleached in alor setar but bought a £5 blue hair dye and had my friend dye it for me.

your fave bts song of all time??

THIS IS DIFFICULT but i fell in love w save me at first listen and dope will always have a special place in my heart for being the first song that got me into bts ALSO MISS RIGHT BC AAHHSJSHDDJKDDJ

How is your french-learning? Are you able to communicate freely with French people? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Je plaisante

LMAO i.....completely abandoned my french studies 7 years ago

How did you lose weight in college? Like how long did you take and what is the key to your weight loss? Have you gained back your weight ever since you go to the UK?

i walked more, was more physically active and ate less. i wasn't doing it consciously to lose weight, it just happened due to a change in lifestyle. i have gained weight since then - my skinniest was during sem 1 of college.

How much do you spend in UK and how much allowance do you get? 😄 how do you afford to go travelling around? As you know the living cost in UK is so high. Do you get extra money from your parents? How do you manage your total allowance?

- my allowance is £880 every month from jpa, excluding rental. after deducting rental i have about £450-500 left to use for a month. i don't cook as much as i do anymore this year, but i share the groceries' expenses while my flatmate's boyfriend cooks for us so meals don't incur too big a cost. i usually eat lunch outside when i have classes and it's usually mcd/subway less than £5. not much recurring expenses other than that and mobile services, so i don't think i use up the whole month's remainder allowance.
- last part of the previous answer answers the second question of being able to afford to travel around. also during travels: budget airlines, airbnbs, cooking/preparing our own meals instead of dining out.
- i only get extra money from my parents during chinese new year as angpao money lol
- answered this in the first answer!

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Hi, I'd like to ask if it's hard to blend into the British community? It seems like you only hang out with your Asian friends? Are you unable to mingle with the locals? And what are they like to foreigners especially Asians?

i'm going to be really honest with you, it is pretty difficult for me personally. before coming here i was indoctrinated by everyone with the belief that "if you go to the uk and only mix with malaysians then what is the point of studying overseas". not saying that that is false in any way, but though it sounds like a sound theory, i only realised how very difficult that was for me after coming here, and that in itself made me feel pretty damn shitty during the first few weeks of uni. i think it has to do with a sort of pre-emptive intimidation i get whenever talking to white locals especially, even more compared to other foreigners. and there's definitely the existence of a social barrier between people of different ethnicities. but while i say all this, i'm of course not generalising the whole british community as a whole, which is why i'm reluctant to address them as that (#notallwhites lmao), but rather describing my own personal experiences restricted by heavy social anxiety. i've met a lot of really lovely foreign friends, some closer than others, but there's always going to be a form of familiarity hanging out with malaysian/asian friends that is like an oasis in a desert when you're all alone in a foreign country and desperately afraid to be alone.

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Are you planning to get CELTA certification someday?

never thought about it at all. never thought about teaching other people english before

Continuing my previous question. Ok so the rules say you cant put up pictures on the walls, no screws or nails on the walls, so how do we decorate the dorm room? I mean is im living there for 3 years i would want to make it more 'home-y'. Did you know anyone or did you decorate your dorm room? How??

idk about screws or nails but i my used blu tac to post photos and posters on my wall during my stay there. though after i moved out and took them down there were residues of blu tac on the wall that i couldnt get off so i was penalised i think rm50? for that.

Hii. Okay so i was searching for pictures of SMR and somehow ended up at your blog. I will start living at SMR in Jan so like, i have a few questions!! Can you actually NOT cook? Is a rice cooker allowed or do you have to smuugle that in? Can your guy friends hang out in your unit?

hi there! technically they will tell you youre not allowed to cook, as the only cooking facility they provide you is a microwave oven but lol all of my housemates and i brought our own rice cookers slow cookers you name it. they will also tell you theyll do random spot checks but usually nothing too major happens. nothing did when i stayed there anyway. and yes, anyone can come to your unit as long as you know how yo smuggle them in. that's for non-residents. residents can pretty much move freely within the building.

Why are you wearing less makeup as compared to your college time? Are you starting to think it was silly to put on so much makeup and look funny?

no anon, it definitely has nothing to do with ur condescending assumption. in fact i don't even think i wore makeup that frequently back then. if anything i wear it now as often as i did in college, you probably just don't see it lol. and even if you're right then well it's too cold on most days to bother anyway. i don't know why i'm going to such lengths to explain this when i'm annoyed by the mere fact that you'd question me about this when it's....no one's business but mine lol

Hi, Michelle! I'd like to ask abt your initial thoughts on studying abroad. Were there things that almost held you back before leaving? Is it worth it?

i wrote so much for this answer and it somehow got deleted and it's now 4am and i am a very frustrated person right now but hi, i havent been here in a while and this question is a month old but better late than never i guess.
the thing about studying overseas is since i was very young, i was heavily indoctrinated with the belief that i would definitely get to study abroad in the future, be it from my parents' consistent reminders that it's the Ultimate Goal I Should Strive For, my relatives' and teachers' influences, my own desire to do so after seeing my friends flying off, or the fact that it was the bare minimum i believed to be expected of me. i am aware i say and think all this from a very, very privileged position, and i won't deny it, that it had never occurred to me that i wouldn't get the chance to study abroad. when people tell you this frequently enough, you start to have the same belief ingrained within you beyond the point of doubt. and when i got the bursary and jpa scholarship, this belief was consolidated even further. it became a matter of choosing where to go instead of deciding whether to go or not. so, no, nothing held me back from leaving. i wasn't particularly as excited as everyone else to start uni in the uk (as you would know, i was extremely reluctant to leave my home and parents) but not ending up going to university overseas was something i never really thought of (this is actually a lie - i have wondered whether i will be able to cope with the anxiety arising from this but for prosaic purposes).
i say all thisbecause it's exactly this nonchalance towards the whole ordeal that made me realise upon coming here that studying in the uk isn't what i'd expected it to be like. i mean, along with the aforementioned indoctrination came the same kind of belief that things would be like what i saw in the movies and read in the books. but things are different and i am constantly whining like an ungrateful person but sometimes, sometimes i think it's not worth it. sometimes i want to tell people studying abroad isn't worth all this sadness and loneliness but i'm always checking my privilege and my experience is probably one in a million, because everyone around me seems to be having the time of their lives.
don't let this deter you from the notion of studying abroad, though. everything everyone says about experiences and a better quality of education is indisputably true, but in my current point in life, it's just difficult for me to say that i am thoroughly happy to be here studying in the uk, because i still feel like i'm at a place that i don't want to be at, a place that i don't really belong at.

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do you still wear your retainers? and omg your fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i do! and i hope thats a good kind of omg!!!!!!!!

How dare you... pancakes are the best. >:(

u just havent had the best waffles u need to get inducted into the waffles club then u will understand the magic

Hv u ever thought of finding a bf in England so that he can take care of u and accompany you when your family and friends are miles away?

1. my friend i have trouble making friends here as it is i have not reached that level of secured thinking yet
2. my friends and family are far away but their company is near at heart
3. i can take care of me. i think. i mean im still alive

How much money do u brg to uk? And how much is ur monthly allowance from jpa?

i brought about £1000 and jpa allowance is £880 per month inclusive of accommodation fees

Would you rather never have internet access again or never be allowed board an airplane again?

LMAO THE SECOND ONE ANYDAY I HATE PLANES but then again id only choose it if i were back in malaysia bc i still need that one flight back to malaysia

Err i think u hv got me wrong? Im not talking abt the chinese video lol, im actually talking abt the ques abt dark lips and michelle phan

holy shit too many hate mail i cant keep up
ok. well. in any case this one is easier i guess bc i rly like how i look in dark lipstick and...?? yea???? i dont think i have any problems w how i look in it. i also dk what u expect me to say. but by all means if u have a particular video by michelle phan that u like and wld want to share feel free!

Asking u anonymously online is a lot easier than talking to u face-to-face, it can also avoid some arguments and letting u know what to improve in urself, but it seems like u dont really get it

no i dont get it, no. u want to avoid arguments yet u dont mind sending me hate on askfm?? im not sure what youre expecting, that after seeing an anonymous question on askfm saying that im trying too hard and im faking something, id just go yea!! ok!!! i was faking it!! now that youve sent me this im not gonna fake it anymore sorry!!!! (??)
and u want me to improve myself by....not pretending/faking accents? im not! hahahah. i dont know what else more to say at this point. i didnt switch on the camera and think, im gonna try REAL HARD to make it sound like i cant speak chinese well bc why would i or anyone do that!!! i have a hard time talking eloquently in front of a camera as it is, even in english (before you jump on my boat again, the videos i upload have undergone multiple takes) so its even harder for me to string sentences together in chinese on camera, what more in a "natural, un-fake accent" according to ur standards! but the point here is that its not a deliberate act. it happens with english too sometimes. you want me to not "try so hard, fake an accent" in my next video? sure, we both want the same things, but we can't all get what we want simply bc there is demand for it. be glad that you have the confidence and ability to speak chinese naturally under any circumstances, its a talent that i do not possess. that's all i can say anymore to defend myself and if you still have a problem with it then im sorry i cant help you anymore.

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Do you realise that these anons that ask you some annoying questions on here can actually be some of your "best" friends around you?

no i dont realise that because if that were true, i dont understand why a friend wouldnt talk about these kind of problems they have with me face to face instead of being anonymous on the internet

You should def check out michelle phan's video on how to wear a dark lip... You dark lip look is just... Ugh...

aww im sorry you feel that way :( but like thats your business, i dont feel the same way! :)


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