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yeah! you might be able to do it if you try it. i can actually do it.. i got an innie but i can flip it inside out to make it an outie and poke it back in to innie haha as weird as that sounds.. you don't know anyone who can do this?

well..ive never had this conversation w anyone else before.....but that's interesting! i might try it out maybe someday....

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How did you lose weight in college? Like how long did you take and what is the key to your weight loss? Have you gained back your weight ever since you go to the UK?

i walked more, was more physically active and ate less. i wasn't doing it consciously to lose weight, it just happened due to a change in lifestyle. i have gained weight since then - my skinniest was during sem 1 of college.

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How much do you spend in UK and how much allowance do you get? 😄 how do you afford to go travelling around? As you know the living cost in UK is so high. Do you get extra money from your parents? How do you manage your total allowance?

- my allowance is £880 every month from jpa, excluding rental. after deducting rental i have about £450-500 left to use for a month. i don't cook as much as i do anymore this year, but i share the groceries' expenses while my flatmate's boyfriend cooks for us so meals don't incur too big a cost. i usually eat lunch outside when i have classes and it's usually mcd/subway less than £5. not much recurring expenses other than that and mobile services, so i don't think i use up the whole month's remainder allowance.
- last part of the previous answer answers the second question of being able to afford to travel around. also during travels: budget airlines, airbnbs, cooking/preparing our own meals instead of dining out.
- i only get extra money from my parents during chinese new year as angpao money lol
- answered this in the first answer!

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Hi, I'd like to ask if it's hard to blend into the British community? It seems like you only hang out with your Asian friends? Are you unable to mingle with the locals? And what are they like to foreigners especially Asians?

i'm going to be really honest with you, it is pretty difficult for me personally. before coming here i was indoctrinated by everyone with the belief that "if you go to the uk and only mix with malaysians then what is the point of studying overseas". not saying that that is false in any way, but though it sounds like a sound theory, i only realised how very difficult that was for me after coming here, and that in itself made me feel pretty damn shitty during the first few weeks of uni. i think it has to do with a sort of pre-emptive intimidation i get whenever talking to white locals especially, even more compared to other foreigners. and there's definitely the existence of a social barrier between people of different ethnicities. but while i say all this, i'm of course not generalising the whole british community as a whole, which is why i'm reluctant to address them as that (#notallwhites lmao), but rather describing my own personal experiences restricted by heavy social anxiety. i've met a lot of really lovely foreign friends, some closer than others, but there's always going to be a form of familiarity hanging out with malaysian/asian friends that is like an oasis in a desert when you're all alone in a foreign country and desperately afraid to be alone.

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