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What makes someone a good friend?

Someone who will stick by your side through thick and thin, who loves and respects you, who realizes your flaws and tries to help you overcome them.

Do you think a female should always wear makeup or go all natural?

I think they're free to do whatever they please

3 hours ago you said something to me that was very hurtful.

Did I? I don't recall saying anything to anyone, much less anything hurtful, but if I did I sincerely apologize.

How long does it take for you to get over someone after a relationship?

One time it took me several months, because I felt like the loss of the connection I had with the person was so enormous. I felt like my heart had been ripped out and stomped on.

How’s the weather where you are?

It was raining pretty heavily today but I'm not complaining. We needed the rain, and it was great weather for napping.

Does anyone not let you make own decisions?

It seems like there are some people in my life who would rather dictate who they think I should be rather than let me be who I really am. And frankly I'm not gonna suck up to them. I didn't sign up to be lectured about my identity, beliefs or passions.

Have any tats or piercings?

I'm too scared to get pierced. I'm kinda the same with tats. I don't like needles lol

Who dislikes valentine's day? I do cuz it's a corporate scam.

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoWill
I was never very fond of Valentine's Day, I always found it to be a bit of a cash grab. Plus I've spent almost every one of them alone.

if you had to drive 40 hours with your partner would u drive the whole time ? Or is that dangerous?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photoghostboy
Well out of me and her, I'm the only one who can drive. But I would happily drive with her.

Someone brings in a box of donuts to work or brings you a box and there’s one of every kind. Which one do you take?

Blueberry cake donut. Fuckin' a.

Why cant people ever just say how they really feel??? It would save so much time and problems

Because people are afraid of being honest.

My moms new boyfriend drank all my Mountain Dew. He wears a mullet and always listens to Garth brooks. Am I wrong for hating him?

Not necessarily. But what do I know?

If you eat eggs what do you like on them? Ketchup, salt and pepper, hot sauce, something else?

I prefer my eggs plain and simple.

If a dude was still a virgin at 27 would you consider him to be a loser?? 😂😭

No I wouldn't because your success in life isn't dictated by how much sex you have. But some people let that be their defining trait because they're shallow and have nothing to show.


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