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Body positivity my A$$! I’m sick & tired of people saying embrace my fatness. FU! I’m fat & I’m not healthy. Got it biatch? 😡🤮

I feel you.
I’m not big but I’m not happy with myself

Have you ever been in a zoom video work meeting but your video is off because you are making love? How did it go?

Ummmmm NO

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Why do you think unpaid internship is stupid and a waste of everyone’s time?👎

It’s always better to at least get some compensation

Why do we consider interns, part-time workers, seasonal workers as well as temp workers are all dumb & imbeciles? 👏👏👏

So they can learn ….

Where did u stay and with who during the pandemic lockdown of 2020?

My apartment.
My bf stayed over occasionally


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