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Наблюдали ли вы когда-нибудь закат с высокого холма? Это наверное потрясающе!

maluxa97’s Profile PhotoВиктория
Да наблюдала. Это красиво. С гор правда не наблюдала, но думаю это еще круче 😊

What is the hardest thing that someone told you and that it broke your heart ?

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
The hardest things I hear from my mum usually. She bteakes believe in myself in me sometimes. I have a really low self estimate now

What is the first thing people think of you when they see you for the first time ? At your opinion and at opinions of others if they told you what they thought about you.

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
Who knows what they think about me. They never told me what they think. I can only guess about the gynecology doctor 😄 she was surprised about my virginity in 28 and annoyed because she couldn't make a normal examination.
What other people think is a mystery for me

Choose one character for a possible heroe in the movies or series you watch and tell me why you'll choose him/her as heroe.

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
Right now I watch 12 monkeys. I will choose one negative character from this tv series - Dickon. Because I want to know why he became so.

Hello 😊 How are you ? What are you doing ? Miss you so much!

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
Hi 😊 I'm good.
How are you?
Was busy with home things.. Right now I'm doing nothing. Just need to wash all winter things. Unfortunately I can't find the work of web designer, I improve myself though. I had unlucky interview recently..
I miss you too.
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Hello Kate ! How are you ? What are you doing in this moment ? I wish you a good day :)

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
😊 I know it's an old question but I'm allright. And I'm doing nothing today because it is Sunday. Tomorrow will do something at the computer. Thank you 💋
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What are you doing right now?

Sitting on my bed and singing the song of Alvaro Soler in my head. He is my new music love 😁

If someone is being Tested for his/ her own existence in the virtual world as a real one? But he/her didn’t know that and this person want to be a friend with that person who tested him?

I don't really understand the question
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Imagine you have to create a new world and that you have only 2 possibilities. Put beautiful flowers with bad smell or ugly flower with good smell ? What would you chose ?

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
I'd choose a good smell. Appearance is less important for me. For example I got lili for my birthday. It has a perfect form and it is really beautiful but I don't like the smell. And it stops me of loving it
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What are three traits of character you do not love in people ? And what are three traits of character you really love ?

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
I love straight, kind people with good sense of humor
I really dislike people who put themselves over others and discriminate others because of different things. It's enough. I don't need third point 😄
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There are often two sides. At your opinion, what are the good consequences and the bad consequences about love ?

positivekharma’s Profile PhotoPositive kharma
Good is there is someone who cares about you. Bad love usually is not mutual and brings a lot of pain.
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