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Did you ever feel that sometimes you dont fit in?

When I feel and realize I won't fit in and/or they won't really want me to fit in their lives/circles, I immediately stop talking to them. It's lonely af cause I'm only with my phone all the time and I have no choice but to be with them in the same room everyday at the same time but I get used to it until I stop dreading and crying at night about not being friends with them during those times. It really takes weeks, months, or years but it's effective anyway. I may rant about my situation at times cause of em but that feeling fades eventually so it's alright. It may annoy em seeing me loud online bet never when I'm with them but do I care as time goes by? No. Does it make me feel good when I see their hidden reactions getting annoyed at my attitude towards how they treat me to the point that they indirectly bully me? Fucking yes.

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What to do if you are indirectly bullied for years?

I'd be dead inside. Tho it feels good to get even with them (may it be in any way, it's not necessarily the same as what they did) where they won't notice it's you who've been messing with their mind and life. Just like what they did or they've been doing to you

how to stop overthinking?

What if he never liked me at all and he was just playing with my feelings that was why I saw him it was so easy for him to stop "liking" meur and to start going out with another girl who's (I just realized) better than me in many ways and she's pretty af. Maybe there's really something wrong with me all this time. And maybe I just realized his friends hate me for petty reasons and he did that to me so he could get get revenge for his friends then I go spiral for months/yrs wondering for his actions which I think now are really just ambiguous

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Have you ever been bullied?

y22dva’s Profile Photojamie
Many times. Mostly were through talking shit about me behind my back to make everyone hate me for their petty reasons, which they know they do those too. Hs classmates and schoolmates were typically just immature people and full of hypocrisy. Even till in my senior years, there were people like that. I unfriended them all when I found out the other rumors they made about me which ruined my reputation at school big time, hacking into my accounts, scratching my phone, and invading my privacy, such as opening my bags when I wasn't around and screenshotting my convos and sending them to their gc. I wish I was smarter enough to notice those and to report them to the police at that time instead of crying everyday.

magbasa ka ng balita, may mga balak pa magfile ng petition sa supreme court to contest the transparency server of comelec. pinagmumukha lang nila pathetic si leni

Nagfile sila dahil may doubt sa transparency ng comelec. Sino ba namang pilipino ang hindi magtataka sa mga sunod sunod na pagkasira ng mga vcm, mga nawalang sd cards, yung pagkagulo pa sa ilang provinces sa mindanao. May mga namatay pa nga dun e dahil may ibang local candidates dun na gustong manalo kaso natalo dahil ayaw talaga ng mga voters dun na sila ang maglead sa lugar nila. Ikaw, kayo lang nag iisip nyan na nagiging pathetic si leni sa pag file nila. Lawakan mo pa pag iisip mo. Yung pag file nila is not all about Leni.

Ask ko lang. Huwag sana majudge. Mahal ko pa ex ko and may bago na syang gf. Nilet go ko sya kasi sabi niya mahal niya pero inaaya nya ako sa sex. Marupok ba ako kapag bumigay ako? Okay lang bang umasa na pwede pa kami magkabalikan? Aware naman akong katangahan kaso pinangungunahan ako ng puso ko.

Kittiwin_’s Profile PhotoScarlet
Use your head more huhu. You'll regret the consequences if you're gonna have sex with him, especially he's still in a relationship right now. Never let your self be a mistress, second choice, o pang ilang choice pa yan for his pleasure. Find someone better na huhu.
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sa mga kampink dyan tanggapin nyo na lang pagkatalo at mag focus sa sunod na eleksyon. malakas talaga si bbm at wala kayo magagawa dahil nakadagdag boto sa kanya si sara, gloria is smart dahil sya nagplano nyan. mabilis talaga bilangan ng boto nung may 9 at mataas turnout

Hala siya. November na oy 😂 Nakamove on na kami na nanalo ang pinakabobo at pinaka unfair na kandidato sa election. Tignan mo updates ni leni at ibang candidates na mas deserve sanang manalo, baka mainspire ka pa mabuhay at marealize mo sa lahat ng anggulo ng pagmanipula sa inyo ni bbm. Sana maggrow ka na at yang mindset mo.

I stopped explaining myself when I realized other people only understand from their level of perception.

Especially when you're dealing with people in their 40s and up, whose mindset is typically just boomer and being karen. Also it gets worse when they're religious af but have no self awareness at all. They just can't practice what they preach every fucking day. They only get religious, kinder, generous af when the situation favors them more. Otherwise? They use their religion to get sympathy and to justify their words when they're calling you evil, whore, slut, stupid especially when you're wearing revealing clothes, your hair is showing, and they find out you're part of lgbtqa+ community.

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I really hate red days 😣

Fr I hate the feeling of my blood coming out from my vagina. It's so gross. I can't stand nor sit down for too long cause my core hurts. I feel like my vagina would fall with the blood flowing nonstop.

Rank KFC, Jollibee, and Mcdo according to your preference.

mjcn94’s Profile Photomjcn94
Chicken: jollibee>kfc>mcdo
Steak: kfc>jollibee
Burger: mcdo>kfc
Fries: kfc>mcdo
Drinks: mcdo>jollibee
Ice cream: jollibee>mcdo
Spaghetti: jollibee
Pie: jollibee

Mas maingay ka ba sa social media than you are in real life?

fourwallsofhome’s Profile PhotoPhilip
Oo 😂 Introvert but selectively extrovert. I understand now why some call me pretentious when they see me. There are people I just can't stand talking to, lalo na pag known na sila to be making rumors about just anyone they just have talked with. Nakakatakot makisama sa mga ganyang tao

Is showing your body to someone you're talking to okay? Even you guys are not officially "dating"?

Which part of their body tho? If it's their private parts, then that'll never be okay. Report them to the police for being pervert. But if there's a consent between you two, then go. If it's just their skin, there's nothing to be uncomfortable about it, unless you're conservative yourself and in a conservative religion. Tho always remember it shouldn't be in your terms on how they should dress in front of you or even when they're with you. If you have a dirty mind and judge them due to your conservative mindset, then they should definitely leave you. They don't deserve people like you.

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