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salam, saya terlepas peluang for asasi tesl in the first permohonan upu and now the second permohonan offers epc instead of tesl :") is epc similar to tesl bc tbh i just wanna take an english related course bc thats the only subject i aced. Thank you.

not similar at all. tesl is Bachelor in Education, EPC is not. have you checked the university's website and thoroughly read + compare both courses? they have everything explained already for prospective students to read before applying.
so, u wanna take an english related course, and for what? you nak jadi apa lepas grad? you ada the right attitude utk jadi pendidik or not? or you just nak any kerja yg guna degree in English? the answer to this question will tell whether you patut ambil EPC or TESL.
bear in mind kalau ambil TESL dekat IPTA/IPTS, your degree nnt layak utk jadi cikgu sekolah menengah and you kena apply kat MOE utk jadi cikgu sekolah kerajaan, tunggu panggilan interview, pass the interview, tunggu placement sekolah kerajaan, and then only start kerja on a probationary period of 3 bulan pertama tanpa gaji. you will only get gaji on your 4th month of working, accumulated amount from 1st month. this procedure of landing yourself a placement in any school will take months or years, bergantung pada kementerian. in the meantime u memang kene kerja apape je sementara tunggu kementerian panggil interview jadi cikgu tu. lepas tu u kena berhenti kerja apape tu dlm tempoh sebulan lepas dpt result interview sbb that's the time frame yg kementerian kasi utk you pack your stuff and move to the school yg u dapat.
kalau degree EPC, u can apply apape kerja yg you suka and you layak. you cant be a school teacher dlm gov sector sbb EPC bukan degree pendidikan macam TESL, unless you buat KPLI/DPLI. however you can be a teacher or assistant teacher dekat private schools, if you pass their interview.
kalau nak jadi lecturer pula, both degrees layak tapi kena ada master (for private uni) or kena ada PhD (kalau IPTA/UA).

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Assalamuallaikum kak mieza, akak kan amik epc kat uitm. Nk tnya, epc ni ade kat uitm mne je? Or hanya satu uitm je. Akak uitm mne? And kalau degree tesl pon kat mne je? Tq

wsalam. epc kat uitm shah alam je, i did mine there. tesl degree kalau uitm kat puncak alam je. ipta lain ada tesl juga but if u wanna know u can do your own search at which uni yang u nak check tu :)

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hello! if u dont mind, can i know what does a media planner do basically? ^^

there are 3 types of planners in my company now.
1 - plans where to place clients' ads in newspapers, magazines, tv, radio..traditional media shizz
2 - plans where to place clients' ads on Out Of Home (OOH) locations like billboards, train wraps, shopping malls, train stations, bus station wraps, lamp post lightbox, LED screens. this is the department I have been working in for 2 years +++
3 - plans where to place clients' ads on digital platforms a.k.a the new media, which is online. fb ads, website ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, in-app ads..
client gives a brief about the campaign and their budget. planner's job is to propose a plan on where to place ads based on client's brief on their target audience, target location. planners need to utilize the budget to ensure that client gets the best exposure, best value and best everything. planners will get in touch with media owners (companies who offer up ads spaces) to get the ads space to be proposed to client or ads space that client personally requests. we planners will nego the price for ads space rental until we get the final best price. once client agrees on the media plan that we proposed, planners need to prepare a booking schedule where client will sign there (it states the ads space, rental price, timeline of space rental) and then planners will have to deal with creative agency on the artwork/media to be placed on the confirmed ads space. follow up till the ads are up and running on the space, then prepare a full report on the campaign.
repeat. the end.
oh ya, throw in lots of back to back meetings, staying back late, cancellations here and there, food, more food, coffee, cakes, meltdowns, free tickets to shizzs and everything about working in a media agency ^_^

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