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What do I do about Hilton? Moncrief is available on waivers. Take my chances with Hilton or start Sammy Watkins?

Drop your worst player for Moncrief. Then on Monday play Hilton if he plays if not you have a backup who will get more targets with Hilton out. I hate Watkins this week. Malcolm Butler did a good job covering Brown despite the numbers. Watkins caught 0 balls last week and I expect Butler to cover him well tomorrow.

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Is it crazy to think UConn last year was similar to NU 2 years ago during Witt's magical stretch? Relying on a goalie to bail out a team with horrid Corsi, low shooting %, and a high number of shots against, and then the goalie faded near season's end? NU showed that's not a long-term winning strat

It's not crazy at all. In fact, I pretty much see as it being the same. That said, I think UConn is building itself to be a competitive program. Guys like Letunov and Gendron are going to be good players, combined with the young guys they already had. It will take time, but they're moving in the right direction. But last season was an anomaly, IMO, because of how much they relied on Nichols.

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What's your strategy in DFS tournaments with larger cash prizes compared to multipliers and 50/50? How do you break down what you play? (I've only ever done low entry tournaments)

So I have a system that works quite well. Generally, I can finish in the top-50%. Not trying to brag, but if you put enough study into it, you can generally do that well. So, for sake of argument, let's say I have $30 to spend. I'll take $10 and enter a large-prize tournament. Then I'll usually take another $10 or $20 and enter a 50/50. That way, if I finish in the top-50% of that league (which again, I'm generally able to do), you don't lose money. You make a little, or if I just enter one, you break even at worst.
Now, of course there are times that you finish out of the money in both, and you're out more money. But last year (and yes I keep track of this because I'm a dork), I finished 13/17 weeks cashing in the 50/50 leagues and 9/17 cashing in the larger tournaments. So there were only 4/17 weeks where I lost last season. That's under 25%, which is a rate I'll take. So more than 75% of the time I either broke even or won.
There were times last year where I cashed in huge. I had one week (Week 12 last year), where I hit on two $10 50/50 tournaments and then cashed $400 in a larger tournament.
I'm not one of these guys who is playing it every day as a full-time job, but I do play it enough that I have a general strategy and a way of ranking players that's outside of what FanDuel suggests. The biggest thing in winning larger tournaments is hitting on a sleeper. You need to be able to pick the players that are priced low, but also will have a low percentage of people taking them. So if they go off for 20 points, that's a big difference for your team.
Like this week, for me, it's Lance Dunbar. He's under $4000 I believe, and I'm expecting Dallas to be in a lot of passing downs and they're of course without Dez Bryant. You look at the targets after Dez was taken out of the game last week, and Dunbar really benefited. He might not be a good play every week, but this week I think he is. Especially because I think you'll see a lot of people take Terrance Williams and play him as the Dez replacement. Williams should still be decent as well – and a better pickup off waivers for seasonal leagues — but I like Dunbar this week in DFS.

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