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This is not fake I can’t read your mind from long distance if you want to try I will be happy to prove it


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So I like someone who as a gf and he said I was pretty and fun to talk to but he loves his gf idk what to do

Your confused

What does it mean when a guy isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings? (With the truth)

That he cares and wants support

If you loved someone but they were lying to you about who they were, basically acting. Was it real love?


50 years of feminism. Now it is men's turn to burn clothing. Also men have less rights on ASK FM.

Yes maam

You're AMAZING, you're VALUABLE, you're WORTH IT, you're IMPORTANT ❤️ Never give up ✨


I told you that I’ve got us, and I do. Even if we don’t end up together, we’re making huge strides. The world is ours for the taking, together or apart.

Yes you and I together


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