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my name rhymes wit faka... jamaican hot blasta... they call me doodoo smasha ?? sawpp can u guess who this is? ?

Shut up taka you faka ?

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You and iolani was a battle. Who in particular was dangerous for iolani?

Their whole teams stacked with really good players, but I'd say spencer,max, and ryan

What do you like most in a girl?

Personality. Its great to have someone you're comfortable with and easy to talk to!

Keep your head up & don't let anything bring you down! Life is temporary so only focus on the good times

Ahh you're right, it was just a hard loss to take in... but thanks for the advice!

for boys to! and which girl is the short one in the middle that plays calm and has foot skills?

Oh well basically our whole team is taka and toshi hahaha and that's nikki!

oh right on! any players to watch out for this year?

On the girls team? i guess tori,daysha and nikki on offense, but for defense it'd be megan and rovi

did the girls soccer team for kalani actually make it to oia champs this year??

They made it to the div 2 oia championships

wat do you even want to be anyway ?

I've always wanted to go into architecture, but im also leaning towards sports science

What do you think about religion?

It's great. People believe in a god that might not be real, but it shows they're willing to put up their time and faith for them.

do you care more about looks or personality ?

Looks catch a persons eye, but personality gets the heart. pretty cheesy but it's so true

you shouldnt focus on the missed opportunities! You should just focus on the future and everything will work out for you

Haha yeah you're right, thanks for the advice!

If u could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

There's a lot of things i wish i could change about myself

What do you usually think about before you fall asleep?

All the mistakes and missed opportunities I wish I could take back or have done differently

top 5 juniors u would wanna get to know?

The real question is how many juniors want to get to know me? there's a lot of people i'd like to get to know better honestly

What do you look for in a girl?

A girl that cares and helps others, but also speaks her mind towards what she wants

do you know Jared Martinez ? he's really cute but I'm too afraid to actually talk to him .

sorry haven't been active for a while but yeah he is!

I think you know who I am... I had a crush on you for a long, long time and you're an amazing person. your laid back personality is so admirable ❤️ and you're amazingly nice to everyone...

Im pretty sure this is just one of my friends messing with me haha but if not then thanks!


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