Ask @mikeylikesyou:

Girls are fcked nowadays, coz they would only wanna go for you if you got money.. I’m now gonna pretend to a girl that I got money so she can fck me, then I won’t pay her shit.. I bet it’ll work😝😋😁😏

Maybe stop thinking with your dick and things will stop seeming fucked. If you want to fuck a whore, go fuck a whore. If you want to fuck a woman, maybe treat her right first, fucking incel.

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Who was your craziest / most interesting teacher?

Had an IT teacher called Mr McCree in HS. He was like a character from a fucking sitcom. Always talked in this hilarious monotone voice and I laughed any time I talked to him. Anyways, I was such a fan of him, that I made a jokey facebook fanpage of him. He found it and got me suspended for 4 weeks. Stuck up prick. 2 years after I graduated he was done in for pedophilia. Good shit.

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