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What exercise are you doing today. I'm so interested on how much exercise u do

I'm at Sutherland pool now just did an hour of swimming then tonight I'm going to the gym to do weights and body attack

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Your legs are a gift from God you must go to the gym and squat and work your but off I wanted you at social but I was drunk and new you don't drink

Haah who's this

Do u like going to the gym? Describe your feelings

I love going it's a time to zone out on everything and release all the stress. Milly+gym=❤️

your photo you put up on insta of your bod is perf ! you have the best body, hard work and determination written all over it xo

Aww you made me smile :) xxx

what days did you go to gym this week?

you stalking me? monday, tuesday. wednesday, friday x2, saturday and i will go tomorrow

You have the best body. Like a body that's full of hard work and determination

i think you've got the wrong person oxxo

i was looking through your fb friends and i saw Michael McGovern how do u know him?

stalker much! jks
hes my soccer coach

is there someone in this world that you have 111100% respect for if so who

yes, that number is an under statement xo

u and me would be a cute couple then because i go to gym and we could lift together

aww that would be cute xx

if u had a boyfriend who went to the gym would you lift together?

haha yes! meet me at the bar xxxx ;)

Have you made many new friends this year?

Yes I have!! My whole soccer squad and other people I'm In the same classes with this year :)

i hope he realises than and likes you back because you are gorgeous!

aww you are gorgeous !! xxxx
inbox me on facebook if you want :) xx

how long have you liked them for, tell him! You are so desirable he would be lucky

i'm not telling him haha :) you are so sweet, i'm guessing you are a girl? xxxx

have you told them you like them because any boy would be so lucky to have you

no i haven't haha aww who is this?:)

I always see you at the gym. Fit bod x

I would say I always see you but im very oblivious and don't pay attention to anyone ahah xx

You are so friendly with everyone. Like I see you and you can comfortably talk to anyone in our grade. That's such a good thing to have. But everyone loves you xx

Aww you are so sweet :) xx who is this Inbox me xxx


Because I hurt my back at soccer and it's keeping me awake so I put this special gel on it and I got an alergic reaction to it


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