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how tall are you?


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Why is a healthy lifestyle so trendy now?

Because who doesn't want to have less illnesses, diseases, body pains, less SADNESS?????

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You're so cute in your latest video.

HAHA thanks love <3

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hey i'm not a creep omg. dwdw.


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do you know where to get alpro in hong kong

no i don't
this is the first time i'm hearing this name actually
is there any specific reason why you want to find this brand? maybe there are alternatives?

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how much did it cost

19 dolla

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What would you do if you woke up and all the other people were gone?

the number of times i have asked myself this question
i'd probably have a panic attack and die

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where did you get the chocolate chip cookie dough lara bars from?

you could've just commented on the photo or messaged me lol
i got it from just green

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what course did you apply for

media and communications

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which school are you going to, have you decided

fingers crossed (REALLY CROSSED) goldsmiths

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who is going to the US in ur year

dezzy, anjali, kenny, christie ??¿?¿¿??

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What makes you feel proud of yourself?

At the moment nothing LOL

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what colleges did u get into


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what is your waist size

name some attractive guy and girl friends :)

i'm only friends with attractive people

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who are you going with to the sevens?

donald, ankie, john etc... anyone from my year

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does donald have a gf?

does lucas have a girlfriend?

He has multiple

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Cute guys at innovation?

Lucas Leung

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pretty girls u saw in innovation?

bruh quite literally every girl

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When and how did u become Kadin's senpai?

the night of innovation
i just made myself his senpai lol

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What does senpai mean?

Super hot



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wouldn't they be burned by tummy acids and turned into your poo? ☺️✌


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lol! Would you be happy eating them? Do you know what would happen to them after?

I'd be happy eating them because they're fries
Um in my belly????? Obv

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