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Hey Miley. There is a YouTuber named “Bart Baker” who makes parodies about you and makes up crap about you being a ho. What is your reaction to this? (If you haven’t seen one of them, you might want to watch one) love ya girl! I’m just looking out for you! ❤️❤️😘

Laney Williams
i think no matter if the person supports you or not they’re still talking about you and still clickin your YouTube videos and checkin up on you n keeping ya name in their mouth, making you famous so i really don’t care:)

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Miley, when I was 11 my Mother passed away. I was allowed to choose 1 song to play at her funeral. I chose your song "I Miss You". To this day, I will never listen to that song the same. It has tons of meaning. You were my rock when I felt like I was drowning. Thank you. ❤

stories like this make me continue to want to make an impact on our world and to strive for better in any way I can

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