Ask @millie_silly:

Does anyone else feel helplessly lost? Like their fighting against something they know for a fact they'll lose to? And even though people tell you you're amazing and special, you still tell yourself that you're not worth their time. Does anyone else feel that?

YES OH MY YES. But it’s important to know that your feelings lie to you. No matter what you’re going through now it won’t last forever. No pain or suffering will last forever. It might take days, months, years even to get past it but you will. I promise you that you’re amazing and special. I know it’s hard to see what others see but I promise you you are special to someone. I can’t say rather or not you’ll get past those thoughts because honestly I have them all the time but it’s just so so important to realize that the way you view yourself is so much different than how others view you. You see all the mistakes you make, you see everything you’ve done wrong, said wrong, you just see your faults. But others see what makes you amazing. They see the good you do, they see how you light up when something great happens, they see you as you truly are not the way you think you are. I know it’s hard to believe others don’t see the wrong you do but they honestly just see the good! And if they do see the bad then they shouldn’t say anything because they’ve done wrong too. I also know what it’s like to feel like you’re fighting a fight that feels hopeless. But just hang in there and you’ll make it out. I promise you. Just keep fighting and it’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to. Everything happens for a reason. Remember that. I really howl the best for you and I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Please come talk to me if you need anything. Lots of you ♥️♥️ (this wasn’t proofread so I’m sorry about any errors :))

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