Ask @milliearchie3:

Going to be on Lucas and Millie for a bit tonight, who would like posts? Heart one for Lucas and if you want one from Millie then heart her pic :'3


Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Millie: Married to my girl, raising our unborn child together
Jasper: Uh, i dont know five years? probably still doing the same thing. Nothing.
Archie: Maybe with a girl, married and a few kids?
Sierra: Not sure but maybe married to the love of my life if i ever meet them

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How do you think what might change after marriage?

Millie: well im engaged to my girl. i dont think much will change after marriage. we both love each other very much and want to be together for a long time. when i go through rough times she is my rock that i can lean on and count on. even on rough days she cheers me up when im feeling down
{Not her faceclaim but eh}

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// anyone still active in this rp group? if so, if you like a starter posted to you just heart which character you wanna plot a roleplay with and ill post. want to rp with millie or jasper heart which one or if u wanna rp with archie let me know and ill post.