Ask @milliemorales03:

Recently ko lang po nakita yung blog niyo. One of my very great finds in the internet. Hindi po ako fashion savvy pero I find it interesting. Continue blogging :) Nagba'backread po ako ngayon, andami nyo na pong napuntahan. :-)

Hello Mia! Thank you so much for visiting our blog. Hahaha! Natutuwa naman ako at nagenjoy ka kahit papaano. Sulit na pagod namin. Thank you din sa pagcomment. Nakakataba ng puso! :)

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You don't know me but I want you to know that you're an inspiration.You remind me to reach for my dreams & inspire me to be humble despite massive achievements. Life did not give me 95% of the things that I dreamt but I'm happy that someone is living hers.In my next life, I want you to be my friend.

Whoever you are, thank you so much. You warm my heart :) I hope you can contact me on Facebook so we can have a bit of chat. Hihihi. I would happily be your friend now you know. Again, thank you. :)

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hi! I just wanna ask: anuano kaya basic (essential) make up items for beginners? where do you start when buying makeup?

1. concealer
2. Foundation
3. Eyebrow Pencil
4. Mascara
5. Eyelash Curler
6. Pressed Powder
7. Lipstick (red, pink, nude)
8. Lip Gloss
9. Eyeliner
10. Neutral eyeshadow palette
11. Eye primer
12. Lip and eye make-up remover
13. make -up remover for the face
14. face primer
15. Blush
Brands for starters:
1. Maybelline (everything)
2. Revlon (foundation)
3. Ever Bilena (blush)
4. Nichido (for liquid eyeliner)
5. Careline (eye shadow
6. MAC (for lipsticks)
hahaha I hope this helped :)

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What's your top 5 Road trip songs?

1. First Of Summer by Urbandub (The ultimate Road Trip song. Used it going to UPLB, on a highway in Sydney, everywhere)
2. Rollin' by Limp Bizkit (Does this even need an explanation?)
3. Move To The Ocean (Baauer Remix) (Will make yo car bounce mothurrfuckaa. joke. hahaha)
4. Chopsuey by System Of A Down (People in the car will literally just sing their ass off every. single. time. Take it from all the road trips I've done)
5. Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap (If you're feeling all hipster and travel-ish. Listened to this a lot in my Euro trip, particularly in Paris when I first saw the Eiffel Tower. Good Times.)

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When are international flightest from Manila to anywhere in Southeast Asia cheapest? Would you know?

Pag may piso-fare lang talaga ang alam ko hahaha! pero most of the time yung hindi peak seasons so iwas ng Oct-Jan and March-May. Depende din sa destination pero may minsan, nagboobook ako a week or 3 days before the "vacation date" and sobrang mura niya. Risky, pero mura. :)

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You don't know me but I've seen you around campus (lower batch here heeeheee). I love your makeup and I'm just a LITTLE bit envious of your wardrobe! A bit of a fan and I live recklessly through your posts. I don't want to ask but I really hope you and Mark are still together.

Hello there, you just made my day! Hahaha! Nakakataba ng puso mga sinabi mo. THANK YOU! Anyway, ok naman kami ni Mark. Hope to meet you one day! :D

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