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As beautiful you are on the outside you are even more beautiful on the inside 🙂 may I have a hug?

Aww of course ❤️😊

Who do you hate the most?

I don’t hate no one I love everyone I really respect them and love them and give them attention that they need and I don’t make the difference at all I mean I hate when people talk about me behind my back witch is mean and rude to be honest

Harry Potter ⚡️ or The Lord of the Rings?💍

Harry Potter of course haha I love that movie but also I love the lord of the rings as well I love both the movies

Is there a such thing as people can change

piggyrae Flanagan
Well I will tell you one thing one thing is that people can change and some of them are not changing people can change their life’s and their minds over something very special and important but people can change a lot ❤️😊

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I always watch romance movies and then I sleep because I always thank about everything it’s on my mind every single day

Do you know what it’s like to be hated by everyone?

Yes I do lots of people that loves me and care about me but some times my friends they don’t love me they just hate me because they are jealous of me the way I look and the way I dress I don’t need a friend to be jealous of me no matter what

Do you love your ex?

No i honestly I do not because he was mean and rude so I don’t like to go back with the crazy as ex of mine because he is crazy

Why do some guys like feet?

Well I really don’t know maybe just because they like girls or something but I am sure they love girls because they have beautiful feet and legs
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When was the last time you had a shower?

I always take a shower haha I been to shower just today I always take a shower every single day 😊

Next concert that would you like to go to?

I never been to concerts before but I would love to go at now united concert that would be so cool

have u ever met a sociopath

Well yes I have well 2 of my best friends who are real a sociopath because they always lie about everything

what do u like About Yourself 🌻🌈

coffee__donuts’s Profile PhotoJaclyn
I am a happy person and I love lots of people and I respect everyone in my life and I am just a joyful person and love is very important to me because it’s just how people treat other people with love and respect and kindness and people loves that so you know and I am a also a funny person ❤️

how late do you stay up before going to bed?

I stay up all day I feel like as a person I always stay and thanking about the stuff I wanna do for future

Was your childhood a good or bad memory?

Good but also bad but I still remember everything about it

Are you friends with your ex?

well no not really I am only friends with jay and Jesse and ajanay and Maritsa and Lauren ❤️


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