Ask @minavesguerra:

Hi, Ms. Mina. I am finally getting published by a small publishing company from the US. How do I market my book effectively, especially to fellow Filipinos? Thanks.

Congrats! I think the best way is to connect to Pinoy readers of that genre and similar books. And keep doing it, because one connection won't be the end of it. :)

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how do you find time to write while taking care of your baby girl? Were you writing even when she was still a newborn?

It was easier when she was smaller! (I was typing That Kind of Guy with one hand while holding her with my other arm.) Now that she's older she doesn't like when I'm not paying attention to her, so I have to ask for someone to watch her for maybe two hours or a whole morning. If I can get four hours a week I'm fine.

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What is the purpose of your book "Fairy Tale Fail"? is there a message being conveyed?

Oh, sorry I missed this! It sounds like homework pa naman, haha. :) There is no purpose to me writing the book, and the message from me to the reader was to drop their idea of perfect and good and discover what it really means to them and if their definitions were wrong to begin with. BUT that's me, and if you read it, it might mean something else to you. :)

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