Have you ever disagreed with what your editor commented about your story? Do you follow all their comments?

Yes. But I do still accept *most* of the changes, especially anything factual or grammar-related, because I don't want my book to be *wrong.*
For comments based on story or things that are subjective, I then try to think like a publisher, and ask if the change will help the book meet its goals. I usually accept an editor comment if I know that I took the lazy or cowardly way out in the writing. I like it when someone points out that I could have pushed more.
When a story is personal to me and I don't care if anyone ever reads it or buys it, I do whatever I want, but I take on the risk of losing readers or buyers. (Young and Scambitious for example.)
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How authors who isn't from #romanceclass usually approach you when they want to ask for your help to get published? How do you deal with them?

I've blogged about pretty much everything I've done in self-publishing, as well as working with corporate publishers, here: minavesguerra.com. My experience is very specifically useful I guess if you're a romance fiction writer. If this is not your genre, I recommend looking up communities or resources specific to the kind of book you're writing.

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Ms. Mina! How can one be part of #romanceclass authors anto get published under #romanceclass?

Read the books! At least 5, ideally more.
Then attend a class or talk. The next one is on Nov 17.
If you want to write/learn at your own pace, the textbook is on gum.co/romanceclass
(We don't publish though! We just help get the books written, and help authors publish if they want to go indie)

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