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Vincent Sundseth
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Ik who you like


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gaven fagget?

Ma broooo

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Miranda Waade?

What about her?

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Your one crazy kid.. And your so funny and you were in my com class and you were so funny.. Hope to have classes!

Erin Olson

lol thx and u too XD and same!

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When was the last time you broke the law?


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Use whatever u can tomessage me or something idk. Only if u want to tho(:

whoever this is like it so i know who this is

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You fucking suck

Umm okay?

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Thoughts on Nina luciano

Nice, Pretty and super chill and im not sure if were friends or not i hope we are but we never talk so idk but ya

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Dateee! I won't give up on u like other girls. U should text me :)


lost my phone

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shes pretty, funny, nice but wierd sometimes and we should hang or something sometime so hmu!

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Thoughts on jalyn


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Because I would like to see if we have any classes together because your a really funny guy.

who is this?

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Reasons. Don't get mad I was just asking... Jeez.

im not mad at all just y do u need to know

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Is there any place where I can find your classes?

omg im not telling u why does it matter

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Thoughts on

Amelia ♡

Probably the prettiest girl ik and ive known her for awhile and im not sure if were friends or not id like to be shes nice sweet and super funny so ya.

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who is this again?

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What's your classes. I'm sorry too.

Brittany Candace

youll find out soon enough

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Truth is.. U are hilarious in science last year! Hope we have classes this year!

Rachel Cummings

thx and me too ;)

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truth is ur in 8th grade now I think but nick and andrew talked about how awesome you where everyday and it got annoying but u seem like a kewl kid

melissa boudreau

haha thx xD

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Everyone stop annoying Vinnie god damn it . Fuck off already don't u have better stuff to do? All I see in my news feed Is people asking vinnie Vinnie fuck them.

spank uuu lol ;)

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F*ck me!

wtf who is this?

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