how do you know it's me. i gave no clueee

we are soul mates that's why

hi have a guess bae

uhmmm....I'm sorry for answering late but ziqah


I can only understand the first two words la dey

Do a piano cover then post it on youtube


Do u love rash or do u love i love myself too thank you

error 404 hahahaha shut down


overly confident bench



i need to ask u something which is very important but i hope u wont be mad

I know who you are

Can you truly love more than one person?

define love juseyo

What color are your eyes?

it is said to be hazel brown

When was the last time you tried something new?

more like when will smthing new happen to me

oooolaaaaaaaaaaf ziqah

no I'm mini

haaaaaaaaaaaaaii ziqah

/gasps; turns into olaf/ hellllloooowwwwwwwwwww OuO

What's the best dating advice you have?

an ideal date is with your best friend; where you can be yourself and make racist jokes about one another without getting offended. the love of a friend is smthing that even cherishing it is not enough, it's more than falling head over heels, more expensive than gold or diamonds, so if you ever fall for your whatever it takes to win their heart because somehow in a way they are in love with you too. maybe not now, but somewhere in the future. to whoever is always broken hearted by their past love, always think that you'll end up with you best friend eventually when the time comes. everything starts with a touch of friendship.

hi mini follow back and describe afnan will you?♡

hello and done!!! afnan.....she's a sweet friend and pretty too I like her smile ;u; wait no screw that- I love her smile HAHAHAHAHA she's trustworthy and reliable too trust me and she loves lee chanhee a lot to the moon and beyond the stars and light years away and never coming back her love is probably out of this galaxy.. hehehe you probably asked the wrong person abt this bcs I'm not good at describing ppl ;AA; teehee ily afnan throws hugs and kisses I'll always be here if you need someone yehet!

Which is your song of the week?

it's been got7's A for the whole week yeap

alarz why u delete :c I tak cukup memory for line cause too many songs need a save memory heh

I rarely use it hahaha I get that a lot, my old phone rosak sbb tu ah

What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?

the pandas ._.

hey mai its yan :) eh did you change your number or smthn cause in my whatsapp contacts you ada :o Does you have whatsapp omg

nope my number is still the same c: haha I downloaded untk hantar gambar to my classmates je and then I deleted it so yeah xD I have line tho

yeap see you whenever i come back bby

hahaha okay I've been away from my acc for a while tbh

yes but not now

oh okay then and fyi, your twitter accs are already reactivated? I was wondering if you knew that

not gonna d/a back tho (changed ma mind) lol

you--- are you going to come back to twitter in any way?

its alright now hahahahahaha (i r/a using laptop so yeah) lol sorry for panicking on your lmao malu i

lmao what--- my brain is not functioning well tbh akxndhxjdjdiekd why you malu malu ey

MINIIII I CANT SIGN IN TO CHANNIHUNNI AND JACKSWAGN :(((((((( i dont think 30 days have passed (i d/a on 2nd may) HOWWW :((

err...try again? omg idk actually did you type in the correct p/w and u/n check those again

i see. oh are u pushing me away? what a meanie

it's in my name lmao d'awww come here you little baby lemme gimme yuh a hwug


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