Ask @miobi_:

hi again i want to see you in miobi special a cute and princess look i mean if u look my idea so its great or not its fine please wear a full red frock with red lipstick and straight hair also with liner its look awesome if u like and u r my favourite i love u so much as a fan and u r my also a star

hi, thank you for your idea :) I like princess look. so if I will have some cute frock, we'll definitely take some photos. and thank youu ♥

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your halloween video is awesome i really loved it and enjoyed it i want more videos please u upload every week one video please its a request

haha thank you so much :) it's my favourite too. but we work all day, so we don't have time to make so many videos. it's really a lot of work. and now in winter it's impossible to do anything

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