Ask @MirabellaHue:

why dont you post pictures anymore? will you ever again?

Because it wasn't appreciated. People would take me private on Streamate for 2 minutes to have me take a pic and post it on my site. They even told their friends about me lol. Or do a Skype show and pester me for days to post pics when I'm busy. Plus no one wants to see your pathetic cocks anyway you should pay me extra to even store that shit on my computer. Deleted. :)

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Do you consider yourself to be a genuine size queen? I use that term in a sex positive way with no negative connotation. If yes or no, what does the term mean to you and what importance do you place on size when looking at a potential partner?

Yes, however I want the whole package (pun intended). A large dick is not the only thing I look for. It means to me that you seek out above average dicks. For some reason I seem to attract them on my own so I don't seem to have to do much searching ;)

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