Ask @miragonz:

In a city of half a mill all I know is my ex, a mate, my h-dealer. Three people. My dad’s alive but like a distant memory. My bro in jail. Two years ago mom died. That is my struggle. I want to make zombie films. What shall I do?

This is Scott mcclanahan. Juliet Escoria and I are answering Mira's questions now. Stay away from that horseradish. That's bad stuff. Gives you heartburn. Also you don't need a dealer for that. You can buy it in the grocery store in the condiment aisle.

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come to the conclusion you got a fan-base but you are cutesy and dull, as edgy as cotton wool. i know you will read this shortly.

all that is probably true and another thing thats true is the time you spent writing that is time you will never get back. and the time i spent writing this is time i will also never get back. and we are both closer to death than we have ever been right at this second

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