Ask @miraro:

somehow i wish that we are in the same school, or at least, under the same 'type of school'

Hahaha well, life isnt that easy. Keep calm and have faith. Good things will come. InsyaAllah

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he's so kind. im afraid that im not :(

Hahaha chill, babe i like someone and hes got a gf and im so freaking like shit how can i like this guy 😔😔

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Berbaloi tak nk waiting for someone that we like? Mana tahu one day dia suka kita balik :') setuju tak?

Takk berbaloi punn. Kalau dia tak suka balik cemana :')

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kawan kau kan, sape tulisan dia paling cantik. pastu berangkai cam tulisan orang dewasa????

Tulisan berangkai takde. Tulisan yg cantik pun rasanya tulisan aiman nordin.

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