Ask @mirnaallsayed:

Who do you love most in the world and why?

My grandmother; she truly does encompass the idea of a well-intended & pure hearted woman. She carried many burdens upon her shoulder as she endured life & yet managed to creat a disposition so independent & amiable in its nature to inspire us, the younger females around her. She held me when the whole world was constantly renewing its peculiar strangeness in my eyes... & managed to positively shape the state of my heart. Until this day, no matter the distance that lies between our two physical existence, she remains the soul for whom I march in desperate need for advice & comforting. ❤️

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What is “home” to you?

Home is where I guarantee eternal protection of my heart, where my mind can lay in solace, where the growth of my mental consciousness is an everlasting priority... home is a place that replenishes my soul when it is dry and void; it is a place that instills within me the drive to move forward and excel beyond my intellectual boundaries. In other words, home to me is not a tangible place, but it I myself.... shit that got deep 😅

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