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I always text her first. Should I stop and see her reaction?

Yes you should stop to see her reaction

apa maksud red flag tu weh. red flag tu guane

Red flag tu maksudnya ciri ciri yang dilarang kat seseorang tuu ❌❌

Sumpah.... I really really need someone tu talk right now please... Pleaseee

Whyyy?? What happen to you??

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ok so there’s a guy i kenal almost a week. tiba tiba ajak kawin???? like tf???? is it a good sign or not? anyways i dh ghosted

Not good laa tak kenal tiba tiba ajak kahwin. Seramm betul 🦯😨😨

i know my hair is blond & and ik i’m not a good person. i am trying to change myself slowly and tryla pakai tudung walaupun nampak jambul. but i still can’t understand why ppl still make a fun of me? ada benda kelakar ke yg i tk tahu? i really need help. sedih

Heyy jangan sedihh dan jangan pedulikan kata kata orang tuu. Semoga sentiasa beristiqamah! Remember only God can judge you.Forget the haters 'cause somebody loves ya! 🥰🥰

Hi, to anyone who read this, please pray for me, for the smoothness of my journey here in this world and also for my journey in the hereafter. Idk what the future holds for me, please pray that I’ll be given the best and i can redho with whatever i am showered with. Thankyou for your kindness 🏼

Aminnn Ya Mujib. May Allah ease everything in your life.

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Let say if you have RM10K in hand, would you rather choose to buy gold or the latest iPhone? Why?

RM5K to buy gold. RM5K buy iPhone 📲

Dear Allah, I'm so tired. Please make things easy for my future..

Aminnn Ya Mujib.May Allah ease for everything for you.

Teringin laa nak jadi spy. Ada sesape perlukan upah agent tak untuk trace kemana partner korang waktu korang takde dengan dia and kumpulkan bukti if they cheating? 😂

Hahaha boleh buat perkhidmatan tu kan shopee

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I hope that I will never be in a relationship where I have to beg for attention. My partner should treat me right, and I’ll return the favour.


whats ur opinion abt this.. "u should love yourself first, before getting into any relationship" ?

Yes that’s true. How can you love other person without love yourself first.

My friend (a guy) request at me to set up a blind catch up/date for him. He's 26, moderately financially stable, love coffee and music, and ready to have commitment. Let me know if there's anyone interested. Thanks :)

Hii i’m interested

Bi spm aku b+. Tcr muet aku target muet aku band 5 or 4.5 based on me in class. And aku aim nak masuk law which is muet requirements must be band 4 or 5. Korg rasa.. aku dpt ke? Uhuh. Seram ku memikirkannya.

InshaAllah boleh dapat tuu banyakkan berdoaa.Semoga berjayaa

Guys its is okey for your partner still add girl lain ke dlm socmed kalau dh ada girlfriend ?

Okayyy je kalau dia tau jaga batas masing2 sebagai kawan.

Sometimes people already knew the answer. They just want to keep living in denial and only accept a self-satisfied answer.

Yes that’s true 💯💯💯

Macamana nak bukak hati untuk orang lain? Hati ni macam Batu belah Batu bertangkup dah

Biarkan dia buka secara natural. Hati tak boleh dipaksa. Banyakkan berdoa supaya hati terbuka.


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