Ask @misbah_a:

If anyone from my friendlist is depressed or having any kind of issue can ask me anytime. I will listen to you. I will condol you. I will try my best to get you out of that shit. Never ever consider yourself alone, this Anon is always here for you.

Isn’t is strange that a Bollywood actor committed suicide because of depression and all of a sudden people from nowhere are writing paragraphs about mental health, yet these are the ones making fun if someone opens up to them or share their sufferings, laughing at them like “is umer mai depression haha adat hai iski, yeh to hai hi aesa, yr ajkal fashion hai yeh sab attention seeking” and they are here condoling with others.🙂
Yeh 4 din ka dikhawa apnay paas rakho everybody out there knows sab waqt waqt ki baat hai darhaqeeqat koi kisi ka nahi hotaaa!

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