Ask @misbah_a:

Is there anything you care less about as you have grown up? What is it? 🌚

Not something but everything.
As I have grown up I have realised I can’t change myself. During earlier days I was conscious, about what others would think of me if I showed them who I really am. But as time passed, it dawned upon me that nobody got that much time to think about me. But surely there are some who’s got all the time to indulge in petty gossips about almost everyone, but then time make me realise that people don’t really matter in my life. As I age I got confident of what I do.
Confidence is a great attribute to have. Have confidence in what you do and other things will be taken care of.

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Ye har pyar krne vala bichar q jata hy? Pyar ki koi destination q ni huti? Me bht pyar karta tha apni Gf sy fir ham b alag ho gaye q Allah pak ni milwata sachy diloo ko 💔 Aj oski kisi or se shadi hy or me mar rha hoo osky lye Kesa nzam hy tera Ya Rab q asa hota hy q bchrte hy log?

Haram rishtay ko kabhi manzil nahi milti.💯

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