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I don't want to fall in love if it always ends the same.
Emotions will build up and walls will be broken down.
Hands will be held and inner thighs will be kissed.
Secrets will be whispered and demons will play together.
But then sooner or later I'll fall in too deep.
Like floating into an ocean of despair & wanting to touch the bottom of the floor with your feet but you realize it's much deeper than that.
Then I find myself lost & confused.
Wondering what I did wrong, wondering what I could have done better.
& when I want to say "I miss you" it hurts like hell because I can feel the sting in my throat from the edges of the words that have cut so deep.
And then I lose my mind.

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Maturity is when ? ⚓

حمزہ !!
Maturity is when you realize that there’s nothing like true loyalty. People are not loyal to people, they are only loyal to their needs.when you realize your career is more important than your Love.Love cant pay bills but career can.
Maturity is When you realize following heart is easy , following your brain is tough.when you realize saying O Lord, take the consequences of my auspicious action.’ and, ‘Let me have for myself the inauspicious consequences of my inauspicious actions' matters more.
And the list goes on. For every person it’s different tho..✨

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What's the saddest feeling in the world?

Sardar Ijlal
Feeling sad is no crime although the world might wish you to think so. All the feelings in the world never did anybody any harm. It is our feelings that make us human and connect us to the rest of humanity. When you feel sad, it is important to give yourself permission to feel the sadness. Share your feelings with someone who has the sensitivity to give you the space to let the feeling fully be felt. Only then can you begin to let go.

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“If you’re the toxic one why they always come back?”

Well I think it depend on what sort of relationship u went through coz I think every relation is different from one another in a way. If the person was a toxic force in the relationship, his reasons for coming back are not likely going to be genuine. When an ex comes back, it’s important to think carefully. Despite what our hearts are telling us, it is not always because he has realized we really are his one true love. There are quite a few toxic reasons why exes decide to come back to the one they left.

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Have u ever felt this u don’t want the sun shinning through ur window. Someone telling u wake up it’s morning time or your phone alarm, to ring, is all u wanna to do is sleep and 😴.. maybe forever..sometimes I think the best phase of life would be death at least u would have ur final destination as compare to living here in this dunya u will never know where ur life is taking u😏🙄

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