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Is it okay to not want to date someone shorter?

Sure, preferences are a thing. If you're not attracted to someone, you can't force yourself to be. Just don't make a big deal or be an assh*le to them about it whilst turning them down.

This person was telling a friend that they've been prescribed meds for their chronic headaches by a psychiatrist. Those pills are used to treat anxiety disorders according to google. I didn't want to interfere in their convo but I'm curious now. Why would a doc prescribe those pills for headaches?

I mean, I'm no doctor and wouldn't doubt the professional in their field, but the reason might be that the anxiety is at the root of their headaches, so treating their anxiety would also effectively treat their headaches.
Other than that, it may be a medication with multiple uses. My ex was on an antidepressant that was originally developed as a medication to treat UTIs, so it can work to treat both of those things.

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I think very shortly it's time to make my exit from this community once and for all. Quality of questions are becoming less and less and quality.

herchocolatebar’s Profile Photoher-chocolatebar
I feel you. Quality has been going downhill for years. I've managed to keep my expectations low so as to value those who actually continue to make an effort (and be respectful) on here.

🌈 what websites do you frequent if you're shopping online? what was the last online purchase you made?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I don't buy many things online anymore, but in terms of fashion I mostly shop from City Chic and Off Ya Tree, though I also sometimes shop from Boohoo and ASOS. I buy gifts and necessities from Etsy and eBay from time to time, and have had electronics from JB Hi-Fi delivered to my house.
My last online purchase was a sports bra from City Chic because they don't stock them in-store. 🙄
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Do y’all ever feel superior to people just bc you’re older? Idk but I feel like those who are younger than me are automatically beneath me and should treat me accordingly.

No, I don't ever feel superior or inferior to people based on age.
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I read that Spain wants to introduce a law where women can get days off work when it’s that time of the month. “Spain is planning to introduce medical leave for women who suffer from severe period pain, media reports suggest.” Do you think this is a good idea? Thoughts?

I think it's an awesome idea for anyone suffering with severe period pain or PMS/PMDD. Work is not more important than much needed rest.
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Someone I used to go to HS with said they’d love to stay awake 24/7 and never sleep again and I’ve been shattered ever since 1:20 pm. Does that not sound scary to you too? Ig they love life a lil too much🙃 If my body allowed it I’d sleep nonstop. Not to sound dramatic but reality blows sometimes.

Mood. I'd also sleep *more* if given the chance.
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Okay so my best friend literally just confessed to liking me and I have literally no idea what to do. We’re both girls but I’m a little unsure about my sexuality and I don’t want to lose them as a friend and I don’t want it to be weird between us

You don't have to do anything, really. Just be gentle around them, as it was probably quite daunting for them to confess. They probably want to continue being friends, but if they're forceful towards you in any way, don't feel bad about needing to remove yourself.
If you want to explore your sexuality, there's no pressure for you to explore it with your best friend; unless you are enthusiastic about giving it a go, you can absolutely take that journey on your own.
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My fellow Millennials do y'all remember that girlband Millionaires? They were kinda big on MySpace back then. They had a hot mess song called "H*e down throwdown*.

I only vaguely remember them; as I recall, they weren't really my thing.
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Can you still feel lonely sometimes even if you have a social circle that you talk to frequently?

Feeling lonely from time to time is completely normal and valid. If the people around you *always* make you feel lonely, however, I'd say you need better friends.
(Or perhaps therapy, because we can build walls to hide away from even the most well-meaning of people).

You're right. When I was a teenager, I thought 30 year olds were decrepit. How dumb ;-))

It's actually pretty funny: Now that I'm approaching 30 I am definitely starting to feel it, but not in the way we perceived 30 year olds to be when we were teens. It's not that I'm out of touch or anything like that, my joints just don't work the way they once did, lmao.

Yeah, I'm 27 and my younger sister (18) and her friends think I'm old and uncool. I'm a "boomer" to them.

Bah, she's an adult now, that's old and uncool to the teenagers. We went through it, too. It all comes back around.
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Is "haha" for oldies? I still use it

I don't think I've ever seen a person born past the mid to late 90s use it. Plus Millennials are "old" according to the gen Zs, haha.

Why did gen Z tik tokers have to make 💀 the laughing emoji let's go back to the millennial Lol.

I mean, I use both? 💀 lol 😭 lmao. I'm even known to partake in a little bit of haha and 😂 with the other oldies, despite how cringe the youth find it.

How do you relieve stress

Sleeping, mostly. Or just like, zoning out. Though those things also *cause* stress when I come back around and tell myself I'm a lazy POS.
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idk why certain mothers (not saying names) use they kids as an excuse for everything claiming they cant do this they cant do that cause ✨kids✨ “i cant go there cause i have kids, i cant do that cause i have kids”. kids arent a burden and arent handcuffs. they dont stop u from living ur life

This is a horrifically obtuse opinion.

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Does time heal all wounds

Eh, sort of. You have to put in the effort over time to heal your wounds. It's also going to be a lot harder to heal without a safe support network, which also requires time and effort to build.
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Would you cut ties with a person if they started promoting toxic and bigoted views i.e racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc.

Either cut ties or drift away from them, depending on how important they are in my life (e.g. family I have to be civil with vs people I met online) and/or how egregious their views are.
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Imagine It's May 14th, 2009. What do you believe you were doing a decade ago today? My favorite video game had just been released so most likely I was playing it on my PS3 while simultaneously checking my MySpace, lol

I honestly remember so little of 2009 that I can't even hazard a guess. However, that wasn't a decade ago - May 2012 was. In that case, I would have probably been at school, and as it was a Monday I probably met up at the radio station with my boyfriend in the afternoon, because I usually sat with him while he ran his show.
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why do I feel dumb whenever someone talks about a subject that I know nothing of? lol it makes me feel bad

You don't have to feel bad; if you're interested, or if the information will benefit you in any way, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow.
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Are band t-shirts still in?do you wear them still?

Yes, I still wear band tees. I don't see why appreciation for your favourite music would ever not be "in".
I know you're probably referring to the classic rock tees made as a fashion statement rather than as an appreciation for those bands, which I honestly think is pretty weird. I've never cared to pay attention to why that was a thing in the first place.
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Do you think tattoos have to have a deep meaning or do you think they could be just because you find them aesthetically pleasing? I've noticed that a lot of tattoo lovers will give you hate if your tattoo doesn't have a meaning. These are the snobby gatekeepers of the tattoo lovers community.

I don't hear of that happening as much as it used to, actually. Most tattoo lovers get many of their tattoos because they're f*cking cool and they want that art on their bodies, and I definitely fit into that camp.
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Have you ever had issues with silverfishes or anything similar in your home? What did / do you do about them? 😬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oh yeah, I had pantry moths a few years ago, 2018 I believe. I had never seen them before, so I wasn't paying attention to the signs they were there until we had moths flying out when we opened the doors.
I removed everything from the pantry, inspected them one by one for signs of infestation, and threw out the things that had larvae attached (and immediately took that garbage bag to the bin). I then sprayed the hell out of the pantry with bug spray, wiped all the shelves and walls down with hot soapy water, and went back over it with a solution of vinegar and water. It got rid of everything. They didn't come back, thankfully; I had to stand on the benchtop and stretch to get the top shelf (and hope I got everything), so the whole process was pretty arduous.

If I was a kid/teen during the late 2010s and early 2020s, I'd def be something like nonbinary. Back in my days we had emos and scene queens and I was one of them, I was the gender nonconforming kid, the boy who loved pink, dolls and makeup, the Jeffree Starr type of kid/teen. Trends come and go.

Fun fact: the concept of there being two genders is more modern than nonbinary identities, so if anything can be deemed a trend, it's the gender binary ☺️☺️☺️
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When my parents were in their late 20s they had a house and a car. I’m in my late 20s and I don’t even have a chair to my name. Isn’t that sad?

It is, but that is a fault of the system; a lot of people are struggling in the same way.

Do you think it’s arrogant of people to always ask “what can I help you with”? What makes them automatically assume that its within their power to help? What if someone needs 1million? Could they help? If no, why’d they even ask?

It's not that deep.
Also, most people who say that work in some form of customer service and are asking completely within the scope of their role.
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I hope you enjoyed putting me through that awful, awful playlist for today. That does not help me change my stance. Not that I want to.

I hope you enjoyed putting me through that awful awful playlist for today That

🦙 do you or someone you know sleepwalk?

I don't think so, but all of my siblings and I grew up with some kind of sleep disorder outside of sleepwalking.
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🐟 if you could delete people in life would you use the option?

In my life, or life overall? Because I think I've removed everyone I've needed to from my own life.
If I could remove people in general, then yeah, I'd remove r*pists and p*dos and irredeemable ab*sers and terrible bigots and corrupt government officials and rich f*cks who cause nothing but harm for the lower classes and the environment. Whether that would lead to reforming them or just outright erasing these people, I don't really care; I don't have a shred of sympathy for them within me anymore. The worst thing, for me, would be the emotional response from knowing at least a few people I knew and liked were actual pieces of sh*t in secret, but it's worth it for the justice.
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Oh how cute..you're able to influence the playlists...😑

Oh, really? What a cool but niche superpower I have discovered I am in possession of!
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Have you ever woken up in the middle of a surgery?

Nope. Weird things happened around both of my previous surgeries but I fortunately never woke up in the middle of them.
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How do i check on twitter without log in ? Is that possible?

Check on... Twitter? You can view individual profiles and tweets via link without logging in, but you can't interact with them without being logged in, and you can't view your timeline because that's tailored to your account.
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Hi , please give me your Instagram because I want to speak with you

Are you an Egyptian prince? Sorry, I've swindled enough of them for their money. I don't think you stand a chance, friend.

someone had asked this black woman something abt racism and she gave a passive aggressive answer,something like “go do ur own research. idk why y’all feel like black women owe u their time and effort”. dont u think thats counterproductive? how do u want ppl to learn if ur not willing 2 educate em?

She's right though; black women don't sit around waiting for people who want to be educated, nor do they then drop everything in their lives to put all their energy into a random conversation with a person who may end up being bigoted or otherwise cruel towards them.
If you are able to ask a random black woman on the internet for information, you can absolutely plug the same question into Google and find the results much faster. Or you could ask Google decent books to read on the topic, so you can dedicate your *own* time to getting an in-depth look into the matter. Google is a very helpful tool in that way - and so are books!


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